Rapala soft grip fillet knife reviews

Rapala Soft Grip Fillet Knife Reviews 2022

The cooking process does not begin when the fish hits the pan; instead it starts when you fillet the fish. This means you need to fillet your fish precisely if you want your meal to taste good. Read on for the Rapala Soft Grip Fillet Knife Reviews

For a tasty fillet, you must have the best fillet knife. One of those knives is the Rapala soft grip fillet knife.

One fillet knife that has made its way to fish camps worldwide is Rapala Soft Grip fillet knife. This fillet knife combines a sharp blade and a soft grip handle to give you unrivaled precision, control, and comfort while you are filleting.

This knife works to enhance your technique so that you can get the best cut of meat possible. With this knife you can begin to fillet your fish and meat like a master chef.

Thankfully, the Rapala Soft Grip fillet knife price is affordable, meaning that you won’t feel like you are breaking your budget.

Below we will look at the Rapala Soft Grip in greater detail so that you can decide whether or not you want to buy this knife.

Who is it made for?

The primary function of the Rapala Soft Grip is to fillet fish; however, you can also use it to cut other types of meat. Therefore this knife is made for the fish and meat lover who likes to prepare his/her own cut.

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Features of the Rapala Soft Grip Fillet  knife– Single Stage Sharpener Sheath

Rapala Soft Grip Fillet-Single Stage Sharpener Sheath Knife is constructed to suit the needs of the users.

The blade of a knife is definitely its most important feature, as it determines the quality of cut that you are going to get. If you go with a flimsy and dull knife, then you will be unable to cut through the softest cut of meat.

Thankfully, Rapala uses a strong stainless steel blade, which is flexible enough to fillet small fish with precision. This super-sharp blade also means that you can cut through tough skin and hard bone with incredible ease.

Furthermore, the double taper design of the blade means that you can benefit from stability and strength as you cut, while the tip allows you to take part in delicate filleting.

Textured Handle

The handle of the Rapala Soft Grip is molded out of thermoplastic, with a textured finish. This soft-grip handle provides you with an excellent grip while filleting so that you can have maximum control. In fact, this comfortable handle will not slip out of your hand, even when wet and covered in fish slime.


When you are done using the Rapala Soft Grip, you can put it in the black sheath that comes with the knife. This sheath can be attached to your belt for easy access.


Last but not least, the Rapala Soft Grip comes with an enlarged finger guard, which protects your fingers when you are filleting your meat.

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  • Sharp blade
  • Excellent handle
  • Case and sharpener are convenient
  • Affordable
  • Blade is flexible


There is a big gap where the blade and handle meet

Frequently Asked Question

What is the length of the Rapala Fillet Knife blade?

The blade measures 6 inches, while the overall length of the knife is 10 inches. However, there are other blade sizes that you can choose from, including 4-inch, 7.5-inch, and 9-inch blades.

Does the handle get slippery when working with fish?

As you know, when you work with fish you will come into contact with slime. However, the Rapala textured handle manages to perform well despite the presence of slime. You are therefore assured of a strong and safe grip.

Does the blade hold edge well?

Yes, the blade holds edge well, and when you need to sharpen the blade you can use the included single-stage sharpener.

Final Verdict: The Rapala soft grip fillet knife review

If you are contemplating to invest in a quality fillet knife, then the Rapala Soft Grip should be at the top of your list. This sharp, comfortable, and flexible knife perform magnificently, though you will need to clean it thoroughly to maintain hygiene.

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