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MAC MTH-80 8″ Professional Hollow Edge Chef Knife Review

If you are looking for a chef knife that is moderately priced, ultra-sharp, universally appealing, and durable, then you will like the MAC MTH-80 8″ Professional Hollow Edge Chef knife.

In precision, balance, sharpness, and price, it’s one of the best-performing budget knives that are popular with many expert chefs and line cooks.


  • Lightweight
  • Made of Stainless steel
  • Made in Japan
  • Pakkawood Handle
  • Blade thickness of 2.5mm
  • Overall length of 12.63 inches

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Its crazy sharp edge, comfy handle, and agile blade make cutting food easier, reducing your food prep time and the chances of cutting yourself. With proper care, the blade of this MAC knife will retain its keen edge for a long time.

Straight out of the box, the knife’s razor-sharp edge is keen enough to cut through paper with the factory edge( every new knife of quality should be able to cut through the paper. )  As long you are honing the knife regularly, with moderate use, this knife can stay sharp enough for 6 to 12 months. The blade makes clean, straight cuts through most foods.

The knife is stamped from hard high carbon stainless steel with a Rockwell hardness of 59 – 61, which makes it retain its sharp edge longer than most knives with softer blades.

Maintaining the sharp edges will also be easy because the knife has a spine thickness of 0.0976 inches. The thin blade makes keeping the sharp edge easy as you can sharpen the blade with ease. The blade design is unique with an articulated edge curve.

The dimples on both sides of the blade of the MAC MTH-80 Chef Knife reduce the chances of sticky foods, including apples, summer squash, and potatoes clinging to the blade. This allows you to carry out your chopping tasks easily and quickly.

The handle is made of beautiful Pakkawood with a blade thickness of 2.5mm, which fits comfortably in the hand and is easy to grip. Because of its functionality and quality, Pakkawood is used in most high-end knives.

The handle is securely anchored to the full-tang blade with triple rivets for added strength and balance. It’s more robust, durable, and more water-resistant than the regular wood. Handwashing is recommended to keep the blade and handle working well.

With proper care and maintenance, the MAC MTH-80 8″ (review) could last a lifetime. With quality material and unique design, this workhorse is worth the price.

MAC MTH-80 8″ Chef’s Knife User Reviews

Well, after scouring the Internet we had a tough time finding many negative MAC MTH-80 8″ reviews.

If anything at all we found that the #1 reason people might have even had a negative word was the availability of retailers with MAC Knives.  If the worst thing you can say is that the item is hard to buy, then that’s a pretty good endorsement. Always buy from trusted sources like Amazon.

The reviews we found by actual users were glowing.  They commented that the MAC MTH-80 8″ is thinner, lighter, and sturdier and holds an edge better than a comparable Western knife like a Henckel or a Wusthof.

The edge is ground to a more acute angle than the German knives and more than one reviewer recognized this difference.

We are also always on the lookout for a professional chef’s review, and the one we found remarked that he uses the knife for 8 hours a day and still considers it the best knife he has ever had.

In addition to the handle size being best for medium to smaller hands, the thinner Japanese steel cuts with minimal resistance versus thicker blades were noted.  The famous MAC dimples add to this significantly by reducing friction and sticking when cutting potatoes, for instance. Several users actually warned that you use caution, as this light knife can be fast!

The reviewers were so impressed with the blade’s thinness that the only drawback we could find may be that the MAC would not be best used for cracking shells or bones.

Overall, the real user response has been so positive with the MAC MTH-80 8″ Chef’s Knife that it simply is an easy choice to give it our recommendation. The incredible sharpness of the blade combined with its light flexibility makes it comparable to the best ceramics knives without any drawbacks.  You simply will not be disappointed with this MAC knife.


  • Made with MAC’s original High carbon stainless steel to be thin and razor-sharp
  • Hardened to 59-61 degrees Rockwell C.
  • Lightweight, ergonomically designed and perfectly balanced to reduce fatigue
  • Famous MAC Dimples to reduce friction along the length of the blade


  • The High carbon stainless steel is prone to rust.
  • The knife is a bit priced than most kitchen knives in the same category.

Are Mac Knives any good?

Mac knives are kitchen tools designed and produced under the brand name Mac. This brand name presents a series of knives that combine the best in design and knife-making craftsmanship.

The brand produces knives with diverse styles, with a knife for every cooking purpose in both home and commercial kitchens.

How are the Best Mac Knives made? How to Buy The Mac  MTH-80 Professional Hollow Edge Chef’s Knife

While buying kitchen knives may seem like a mundane and straightforward exercise, you should understand that knives are designed differently so as to serve a variety of purposes.

As such, you should be mindful of certain considerations to ensure that you buy the best Mac knives.

Blade Material

There are mainly three common blade steel types in the market. The three steel types are:

Tool steel – There are still different types of steel in this category, ranging from basic to more advanced materials. These are mainly hard steel alloys used in the construction of cutting tools.

Carbon steel – This material is suitable for durability, toughness, and a sharp edge. Although the material is prone to corrosion, knives made from Carbon Steel are sharp and easy to re-sharpen.

Stainless steel – when higher amounts of chromium are added to carbon steel, it becomes resistant to corrosion as well as other elements. This results in increased performance of the kitchen tools.


Hardness represents the ability of a knife to resist deforming in case it is subjected to increased stress. The best Mac knives are capable of this and should serve you well in your busy kitchen.


Toughness may be mistaken for hardness, and vice versa. However, toughness is the knife’s ability to resist chips or cracks when used in heavy-duty applications.

At the same time, toughness is concerned with the ability of steel to flex easily without breaking. A chipped knife will be useless in your kitchen and fixing it will give you a hard time. However, a firm or hard knife is likely to be less tough.

Corrosion Resistance

The best Mac Knives should be able to resist external elements like moisture, salt, and humidity. In this way, the knives will also resist corrosion and rust.

However, knives that are highly resistant to corrosion slightly compromise on edge performance.

Wear Resistance

Durability is a vital factor to keep in mind when buying any product. The same applies to Mac knives. Abrasive and adhesive wear can cause great damage to your kitchen knife.

Abrasive wear is as a result of softer surfaces rubbing against rougher ones. When small particles are dislodged from one surface and cling to another, this is known as adhesive wear.

As much as the hardness of steel determines wear resistance, the chemistry of the materials also affects its ability to withstand damage.

Edge Retention

The main reason you will buy Mac MTH-80 8″ knives is to use them for cutting in your kitchen. For this reason, the best Mac Knives are those that will retain their sharpness even after long periods of use.

While there are no known set standards for measuring edge retention, we have found it to be a combination of an edge that is deformation-resistant and wear-resistant.


While some people argue that kitchen knives should be heavy to let you use less force, others suggest that lighter knives will let you maneuver the tool more easily and freely. The MAC will be those whose style fits your kitchen and culinary activities.


The issue of balance differs from one cook to another. This, notwithstanding, you should ensure that you feel comfortable when you hold your preferred knives by the handle.

The knives should not tend to tilt either towards the handle or the blade. Similarly, the knives should have perfect side-to-side balance, making the tool stable even as you chop or cut food. An unbalanced knife will make your job much more difficult.


If you are looking for a versatile knife for use at home, an 8-inch chef’s knife may fit the bill. Because of its longer blade, a 10-inch knife might be suitable for cutting more volume. A 6-inch knife is agile, a factor that makes it appropriate as a paring knife.


The MAC Knives have handles that offer you a firm and secure grip. This is an important feature considering that your hands will be wet when working in your kitchen’s busy environment.

Moreover, the underside should have enough clearance to prevent your knuckles from banging on the surface as you chop.

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Bottom line of MAC MTH-80 8″ review.

The Mac Knife MTH-80 Professional Hollow Edge Chef’s Knife is among the most ergonomically and universally designed kitchen chef knife that’s famous with amateur and professional chefs globally.

The high-quality blade material, Rockwell hardness of 56 to 59 used to make this knife contributes to blade’s high edge-retention and durability. High carbon steel is known for its high strength and peak performance. The lightweight blade can easily and quickly perform chopping tasks without the food sticking to the blade, thanks to the dimples on both sides of this knife.

One drawback mentioned in this MAC MTH-80 8″ review is that the knife can get stains if not washed, dried immediately and stored in a dry place.

Overall, The Mac  MTH-80 Professional Hollow Edge Chef’s Knife is a great addition to your kitchen cutlery collection, and you will get great value for your money.

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