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10 Best Japanese Knife Block Set Reviews in 2022

As there are so many different types of the best Japanese knife block set available for both professional and amateur cooks these days, choosing from the wide range of chef knife sets that are available to you can often be quite difficult.

If you are not the most experienced cook or if you are not used to getting chef knife sets, you should note that chef knife sets can range a lot in price depending on several things, such as quality, brand, and the amount of knives in the set.

Quite often, people end up investing in a set of knives, most of which they never use, so it is important to identify what type of knives you need in your own kitchen before you make a decision.

In this article we have done an in-depth review of the best Japanese knives block sets you can buy today

10 best Japanese knife block set Review in 2021

1. Wusthof Classic 8 Piece Japanese Knife Block Set

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Wusthof is the reigning king among knife manufacturers. Established in 1814, Wusthof has toiled hard to reach where it is today.

They use 40 distinctive methods to design their knives, which are used by the most popular chefs.

Wusthof has a large variety of knives that are specially made to be used in leading restaurants or at home.

The Eight piece classic knife block set has been crafted to make the user satisfied. These eight steak knives are available in a box carved out of mahogany.

The classic 8 piece knife block set boasts of superior quality stainless steel of 18/10 high carbon notched blades.

The handles are polished and are made up of synthetic fiber. This makes the user have a more firm grip on the knives.

The eight knives have been selected to solve all the kitchen purposes on a daily basis. This classic set contains:

  • a paring knife
  • a utility knife
  • a sandwich knife
  • a bread knife
  • a cook’s knife
  • sharpening steel measuring 9 inches,
  • a slot block
  • kitchen shears.

You will get knife blocks in this set, which protects the knives and maintains the kitchen’s soft look. You will feel like the chef of a five-star hotel with the knives in your hand.

The knives have been so made that they accompany the user for a longer period of time.

The use of synthetic handle ensures that the knives remain hygienic. They also add to the longevity of the knives. The blades never lose their shape nor do they become easily blunt.

The knife block, being made up of sumptuous hardwood, gives the knives a different dimension. If you purchase the Wusthof classic eight-piece knife block set, you will be entitled to a knife sharpener made up of carbide steel along with an Epicurean bar board.

These knives are manufactured in Germany and are available all over the world owing to their high demand. Wusthof permits the washing of the knives by hand. Anyone can easily sharpen the blades.

The ease of the user has been kept in mind. The black handle of the knives have grooves in them to prevent slipping.

The knives from Wusthof can be easily called value for money. They believe in the quality of their products.

The reputation of their brand has attracted the attention of celebrities who endorse them. The shiny surfaces of the 3.75 inch blades make them an attractive sight in the kitchen.

Besides using a set for yourself in your kitchen, you can gift one too. Special storage cases are available for gifting this knife set.

Chopping and cutting has never been so fulfilling and smooth as it is with the use of knives from Wusthof. This eight-piece set is cost effective and can be afforded by all.

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2. Anolon Advanced 15 Piece Knife Block Set Review

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If you love to cook, a great knife set can make all the difference in preparation and the satisfaction in ease of use.

Anolon has just the set for the gourmet in your household whether you are skilled at cooking or just a beginner.

The Anolon Advanced 15-piece knife block set comes with:

  • an 8-inch chef’s knife
  • 8-inch hollow ground slicer
  • 8-inch bread slicer
  • 5-inch serrated utility knife
  • 3 1/2″ inch parer
  • 7-inch hollow ground Santoku.

If you have never used a Santoku, these knives are wonderful. Japanese in origin, the Santoku can be compared to the chef’s knife but has a thinner flat-ground blade made of harder tempered steel, allowing a more acute angle for precision cutting and thin slicing.

The set also includes a 10-inch sharpener and as one satisfied customer noted, who knew you were really supposed to sharpen after every use. I didn’t until I read the enclosed care instructions.

Sharpening takes two seconds to keep your glass finished edged blades ultra-sharp for many, many years.

The instruction manual offers several care and use tips that you probably never knew about knives.

Six 5-inch steak knives and a pair of forged kitchen shears round out the complete set and all are presented in a very attractive, birch wood solid holder.

Most customers are impressed with the ergonomic Anolon SureGrip santoprene handles that accompany each knife in the set and are weighted perfectly for more control, balance and stability when using.

If you have never owned a really good set of kitchen knives, you will find quality that you never knew existed.

Peeling is a breeze, chopping fresh vegetables and fruits are no longer the grueling chore that you used to know. You will actually look forward to the preparation of food and how each slice makes you feel like a professional!

Cutting fresh baked bread makes beautiful slices, thin or thick, with melt in your mouth appeal. No more choppy, messy slices making your presentation look dull and lifeless.

With many people eating in more and more to save money, the Anolon 15-piece selection of knives will make you wonder why you hadn’t started cooking more meals sooner.

This has got to be the ultimate gift for a new bride or a gift for Mom who is still fighting with a drawer full of different knives that she has collected over the years.

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3. Wusthof Gourmet 18 Piece Knife Block Set

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Wusthof Gourmet 18 piece knife block set is the economic edition of the classic series of the famous manufacturer. This popular set of knives comprises:

  • one piece of each of 8-inch carving knife
  • 8-inch cook’s knife
  • 4-1/4-inch tomato knife
  • 6-inch kitchen fork
  • 6-1/2-inch Santoku
  • 3-inch paring knife
  • 8-inch bread knife
  • Six 4-1/2-inch steak knives
  • 6-inch sandwich knife
  • 4-inch utility knife
  • 9-inch sharpening steel
  • Kitchen shears
  • A seventeen-slot oak block with rubber-foot is sufficient enough to hold all the pieces of this set.

This oak block with all the pieces put into it is certainly a good addition to your kitchen’s aesthetics.

As it is the economic set of the classic series the blades are cut by a modern laser method instead of hand and made of the metal comparatively thinner quality.

But your cutting and chopping experience will remain unmatched with this set because the blades are produced with great shape as these are polished and ground by computer-driven modern machines which make sure that the tapering from the tip to bolster is perfect.

Therefore, the knives are perfect for normal day-to-day kitchen applications. The is set is proved as an ideal alternative for the people who wish to ornament their cutlery collection with quality wusthof cutlery but at an economical price.

The synthetic handles with traditional style come with good strength because of the triple rivets.

Though the knives are recommended as safe for dishwasher, handwashing is ideal for the knives to protect the blades’ edges for long.

Wusthof offers a rich tradition of craftsmanship for more than 190 years. The knives are appreciated for their quality and precision.

This same level of quality standards are maintained for the Wusthof gourmet 18 piece knife block set. The set holds nearly all varieties of knives that you would require. The knives of this set are perfectly well-balanced with a sharp cutting edge.

Once you buy this set, it will never let you down. Initially, you may feel the knives to be lighter but after using for some time, you will realize the real worth of these knives.

You will find the edges phenomenal if you intend to upgrade from your existing knives. Each component of the set will help you to fulfill your different cutting and chopping needs.

It is also recommended that you should dry the pieces immediately after washing. Usually, a guide to use the steel properly is provided with the set.

It is also recommended that you use the steel correctly for the best results and safety. The steel will last for a lifetime.

If you intend to pay the price of this set, it comes for sure that you get a great set of knives.

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4. Henckels Knife Block Sets Review

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Treat your friends and family to one of Henckels selections of Four Star Knife Sets and you will be remembered each time one of the knives is used. Or buy a set for yourself to see why gourmet cooks love to prepare food so much.

Each Henckels knife is made from FRIODUR ice-hardened stainless steel and corrosion-resistant for long-lasting durability.

You will never worry about super-thin slices again if you choose Henckels Four Star Twin Santoku Asian Set that comes with a 5-inch hollow edge Santoku knife and a 3-inch kudamono hollow edge paring knife.

Asian-style in make and nature, the hollow edge is a plus because it keeps food from sticking. The paring knife, also with a hollow edge, has an added sheep foot blade for delicate tip work.

Another great choice as a gift is the 2-piece carving knife set. Great for the holidays with a 7-inch fork and an 8-inch carver, this year’s Thanksgiving turkey will slice perfectly for a great table presentation.

Also perfect as a housewarming gift for that special couple in their new home or surprise Mom and Dad at Easter for that delectable ham.

If you have never had a really good set of knives and cannot afford an entire set, think about buying the Henckels Four Star 3 Piece Starter Set with Bonus Steel.

You will receive a 4-inch paring knife, a 6-inch sandwich knife and an 8-inch chefs knife. With as sharp and precise as these three knives are, you will soon discard all of your old knives and begin thinking about purchasing an entire set!

The Four-Piece Steak Knife Set is more than compatible to those displayed on a crimson clothed table in a fine dining establishment.

Guests will want to know where you came across such beautiful, designer knives. For those who appreciate quality and demand the best in cutlery, Henckels steak knives set is a must.

Offering the best in German steel design, J.A. Henckels International has been producing quality items in cutlery worldwide since 1895. Their legacy speaks for itself when each purchase is made.

All of their products are guaranteed against defects in materials or craftsmanship. Made for everyday use and with the cost conscience in mind, a Henckels cutlery product will last for years.

Astoundingly, men are not shy at giving reviews on the Henckels gift sets that were given as gifts to their wives.

Who says women have to have something personal in nature on special occasions? When men see their wives working so hard to chop and slice, pulling off food and cleaning continuously, it truly is an act of love to give the gift of a Henckels Four Star Knife Set.

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5. Sabatier Knife Block Sets Review

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You will never find a better quality knife than that produced by the Sabatier family of Theirs, France. Dating back to the 12th century, knife making in this town has been a tradition.

In 1884, Pierre Theirs opened a family knife-making factory and the name has been highly respected since.

Today’s Thiers factory continues to create the finest knives in all of France, each of the forty employees a master craftsman, so skilled that they are often contracted to make special tools in the medical, automobile, and defense industries.

Handcrafted, you will not find any computerized mass production in a set of Sabatier knives.

Forged thinner than German made knives, the sleek and finely tapered Sabatier knife holds an edge easily, making every cut clean and precise.

As the knife moves from tip to bolster, it broadens to a more triangular shape, giving it a greater sweep in each cut. The razor-sharpness does all of your work and because of the rounded bolster, you can grip the knife high at the base for greater control.

Fully forged indicates that the blade, bolster, and tang are forged from one piece of steel and after a complex double heating process, the handles are riveted on.

The last step is referred to as the “fully forged” technique where locally skilled artisans hand shape and sharpen each blade by hand.

6. Sabatier Loire 20-piece wood cutlery block set

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Also available for the gourmet in your household is the Sabatier Loire 20-piece wood cutlery block set complete with

  • 8-inch chef, 8-inch slicer,
  • 8-inch bread, 7-inch Santoku,
  • 6-inch cleaver,
  • 5-inch utility,
  • 3 1/2-inch paring knife,
  • 6-inch bayonet fork,
  • 8 4 Â ½-inch steak knives,
  • sharpening steel,
  • poultry and kitchen shears
  • beautiful Pakkawood block.

What a treat for someone who loves to cook!

Be careful when choosing your Sabatier knife set, as there are many copycats today that present their cutlery as the original thing. Chefs can see past the inferior quality immediately.

Only chose a dealer reputable in quality goods and request information on the manufacturer. This way, you will be assured that you are purchasing only the original line by Sabatier.

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6. Gunter Wilhelm Cutlery 250 Executive Chef 12-Piece Professional Knife Set

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The Gunter Wilhelm Cutlery 250 Executive Chef 12-Piece Professional Knife Set with Wooden Storage Block is equally well suited for the professional chef or the at-home cook.

This knife set makes a wonderfully useful addition to any busy kitchen. These knives are forged from German steel with a triple-riveted tang.

The German steel is the 440C and is a wonderful combination of high carbon steel and stainless steel. They will keep their professional look for a very long time. The knives are sharpened all the way to the handle providing a full range of cutting surface.

Gunter Wilhelm is made of high-quality steel and comes with a lifetime warranty. The ergonomic handle is made from attractive Pakkawood.

The Gunter Wilhelm Cutlery 250 set includes:

  • 2 sharpening steels (a 10-inch honing steel and 10-inch diamond steel)
  • a butchers cleaver,
  • a 10-inch chef knife,
  • a 10-inch boning knife,
  • a paring knife,
  • an Asian cleaver,
  • a Santoku knife,
  • an offset bread knife,
  • a meat fork,
  • a meat carver,
  • an attractive wooden storage block.

Each knife is precision forged from 440C German steel that is an alloy combining high carbon steel with stainless steel. This alloy holds an edge very well and is also easy to sharpen. The knife set measures approximately 12-inches, by 6-inches, by 17-inches.

Features and Specs of the 250 Executive Chef

  1. Features Pakkawood triple-tang handles for superior balance and weight.
  2. Set includes two sharpening steels and a wooden storage block.
  3. Precision-forged blades are made from 440C German steel.
  4. Set consists of the wonderful Santoku knife as well as the Asian cleaver.
  5. The set measures 12″ by 6″ by 17″ and comes with a lifetime warranty.

There are many advantages to the Gunter Wilhelm Cutlery set. This set includes the butcher’s cleaver which doesn’t come in a lot of other sets. It also includes the wonderful Santoku knife.

The way the knives are forged from 440C German steel which is an alloy of high carbon and stainless steel ensures sharp knives that stay sharp and are also easy to sharpen.

Less expensive knives are usually stamped and do not have a bolster and therefore have no weight to them or the balance and durability of forged knives.

The attractive handles are made of the desirable Pakkawood.

Reviews for the The Gunter Wilhelm Cutlery 250

People that have bought this set have given very it high reviews. One reviewer stated that the cost of the set was excellent.

The reviewer stated that they feel great in your hands and are a pleasure to use which is why the look forward to using them every time.

They were also very happy that the knives came with a lifetime warranty. Another reviewer stated that as an avid home cook they were very impressed with the quality of the knives and stated that the customer service was excellent.

Another reviewer stated that they own several sets of knives and that the heft and quality of the Gunter Wilhelm knives is amazing.

The only complaint they had was that the bread knife was not quite as sharp as the rest of the set.

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7. Farberware Kitchen Knife Sets: Farberware Pro Stainless-Steel 15-Piece Fine-Edge Knife Block Set

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One of the best things about having a real good kitchen cutlery set, especially one which still remains sharp, even after prolonged use in chopping up, slicing, paring, shearing, and cutting, is that one feels really satisfied after seeing all that good work done.

And that is definitely going to be the natural reaction after you have tested out Farberware kitchen sets.

Farberware Pro Stainless-Steel 15-Piece Fine-Edge Knife Block Set, Black

Set includes:

  • 8″ chef,
  • 8″ slicing,
  • 7″ santoku,
  • 5.5″ serrated utility,
  • 3.5″ paring,
  • 2.75″ bird’s beak paring
  • Six 4.5″ steak knives
  • 8″ sharpening steel

These knives are made of forged steel, which means that they have to be cleaned as soon as they are done with, because leaving them overnight in the sink is definitely not what a dedicated chef is going to do.

Besides, there might be all those little rust spots to rub off. That is just a minor hitch otherwise, the Farberware kitchen sets come definitely in the good buy category.

You might go in for the 14 piece Farberware knife set, which means that you will never have to buy another knife for chopping, roasting and slicing anything else ever, including steaks.

Use it upon the kitchen table or upon the dinner table. The knives are perfectly balanced because of their wide bolsters.

The edges are extremely sharp, because they are ground really finely. The slicer is 8 inches long, which means that you can carve poultry as well as roast.

The handles are synthetic, but are attached to bolsters. You also have the perfect storage block to store these pieces in after use.

This block is made of hardwood and it’s 3 tiered and slanted so that you can get easy access to the knives of your choice.

You can wash them in the dishwasher, but one would be better off watching them by hand, but carefully.

Now the best thing of having heat-tempered knives is that you are going to have a flexible, as well as a durable drop-forged knife in your hand, whenever you get cutting, chopping, and slicing in the kitchen.

So you can consider these kitchen sets, good value for money, especially when you can sharpen them whenever you think they are getting blunt.

Other sets that are value-priced do not have this knife sharpening facility. So that means you will have even more years of service out of these knives after sharpening.

And by the way, the sharpener is included, so you do not have to go all around the city looking for somebody to sharpen the knives for you.

Most of the time, you are not going to use all of the knives unless you happen to be a real high-powered Chef, but this can be considered to be a real good buy for your kitchen requirements.

And the best thing I liked about these knives is that they fit really well into the palm of my hand! So, if you are looking for a kitchen knife set, just try out Farberware.

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8. Furi Rachael Ray Gusto Grip 3 Pc Knife Set Review

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A fairly young company in the world of cutlery, Furi Brands has been creating innovative products in the United States since 2005 in order to offer chefs new solutions to old problems.

Endorsed at this time by Rachael Ray, Furi is now becoming a household name in quality cutlery.

The 3-piece Rachael Ray Gusto Grip Knives set is a good example of what Furi Brands has to offer.

Two separate sized santoku knives are perfect as a starter kit for the young cook and because they are contained in a lovely wooden case, make a wonderful gift.

One unique feature of the Furi is the “reverse wedge” handle shape that was developed to keep the hand from slipping toward the blade. Because less squeezing is required there is less slippage and fatigue of the hand.

Rachael Ray was the drive behind the bright orange “grippier” handle on the Gusto Grip Knives as orange is her favorite color and wanted a more comfortable, secure handle.

With the super-tough polypropylene with a clear synthetic permanent rubber, both were born.

The blades of a Furi are made of a one-piece solid forged bolster and tang using German CrMoV stainless steel alloy. This way, the tang is forged into the shape of the handle, added extra strength.

The santoku is popular in the east and west because of the unique combination of an Eastern chopper and a Western chef’s knife. International chefs love using this type of blade in their prep work.

Not only is quality and comfort important to Rachael Ray but also affordability. For under $100, an inexperienced cook can purchase the set and realize the difference between the tools that real pro uses and that of a cheap set of chef’s knives that have to be fought with.

Having the proper tools in the learning process makes all of the difference in the world, as you will soon tell with the Gusto Grip Knives.

Get prepared for the next segment of Rachael Ray with your new pair of santoku knives and learn like the pros at a price you can afford.

Guaranteed against any manufacturer defects, this set will last you a very long time. Chopping and mincing will become your second skin, watching chefs hold the knives in different positions will help you gain control of the blade and the bright orange handle, well, that’s just for fun.

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9. Kitchenaid 14 Piece Cutlery Set With Steak Knife Block Review

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Well, it does not matter whether you are just the ordinary run of the mill average weekend Hostess or a high powered full-fledged fancy dinner and formal cutlery hostess.

If you are looking for an excellent set of high-quality cutlery, Kitchenaid 14 piece cutlery set with steak knife is definitely the cutlery set for you.

Just look at the items which are included in this cutlery set. Apart from the knife block, which can be removed so that you can do the setting upon the table very easily, this cutlery set is going to have:

  • an 8-inch chef’s knife
  • 8-inch slicer
  • 3 1/2 inches paring knife
  • 5 1/2 inches serrated utility knife
  • a 7-inch long Santoku ( wow, never found that in any other cutlery set, believe you me)
  • Six knives for carving up the steak
  • a knife sharpener.
  • A pair of kitchen shears.

I guess that is quite good value for money, especially as the knife blades are made of forged metal.

The stainless steel blades have a high carbon content, which means that they are going to be sharp, shiny, and flexible enough for you to use in any direction you want.

There is something really good about this cutlery; the handles are triple-riveted, which means that they have the perfect weight and perfect balance.

Can I use them for throwing at the dartboard in the kitchen when I am in a bad mood?

Anyway, this can be considered to be a perfect gift set for anybody who does not go into the kitchen without making sure that it has state of the art utilities and the latest mod cons.

By the way, this cutlery needs to be handwashed, because somehow the dishwasher does not seem to be the best place to dump this high-quality cutlery in.

And also, the sink is definitely not the best dumping place for such high-quality cutlery, so use, wash and dry immediately. And then preserve till next use.

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10. Victorinox 8 Piece Knife Block Sets Review

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If you are really interested in a real good and the best Japanese knife block set at pure value for money, you would want to look at the Victorinox 8 Piece Knife Block Set.

Come to think of it, is not Victorinox the brand name of the original Swiss knife made for the Army, in 1897.

Yes, so it is, first made by Karl Elsner for the Swiss Army.And that is why, you can understand that any product which has been made by this particular company is going to be highly crafted, high-quality and worth the price.

Well, it is a little pricey, but when anybody is going in for real good knives, he would not mind paying that sort of money for a once-in-a-lifetime bargain would he?

Many people are under the impression that Victorinox is quite different from professional cutlery sets bought by chefs under Forschner’s brand name.

The name is the same, the quality is the same, the product may differ from one piece to another, but you are going to have every single blade stamped from one metal sheet, then tempered and hardened, polished, ground and then etched before it is served up to you proudly as a stylish finished product.

Now let us see what the Victorinox 8 piece knife lock set has to offer to both the professional chef and the proud kitchen hausfrau.

Now you might just ask why this much money for 8 knives, well, they need storage space in the form of an oak block, do not they? Nine slots and easy access is the name of the game.

These extremely sharp knives include:

  • an 8 inches bread knife
  • 4 inches parer knife
  • 8 inches chef’s knife
  • 6 inches boning knife
  • 10 inches long slicer,
  • kitchen shears
  • An 10 inches long sharpening steel.

That means if you just happen to feel one of these blades getting this little bit blunt, you just need to sharpen them on the steel and Bob’s your uncle, yet once again.

Many people are buying this 8 piece knife block set, because one has to face it, there are other excellent knives out there, but they also happen to be sold at exorbitant prices.

So when you can get 8 knives at the price of one other equally good knife from some other company, why not go in for 8?

These knives are incredibly well-balanced and fit your hand perfectly. Cleaning them is also extremely easy.

Some people prefer forged knives to stamped knives, but those who buy Victorinox definitely believe that they are the last word in quality, sharpness, and outstanding value for money!

So do not bother about the brand name, whether it is Forschners or Victorinox, the latter name is specially utilized for products which can be sold to the gourmets sitting right at home.

And as Victorinox is already synonymous with top quality, everybody will recognize the name of the company and thus go for its products!

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How to Clean Your Best Japanese Knife Block Set

Cleaning your kitchen knife block is just as important as everything else in your kitchen. You will find that sometimes the holes where you stick the knives can become dirty with things like crumbs and bacteria.

There are a number of different ways that you can clean the block; however, you mustn’t put the block in the dishwasher for cleaning. Just like with wooden handle kitchen knives, you want to be sure that you wash them by hand and allow it to air dry.

Here are some directions on how to clean your kitchen knife block:

  1. Remove all the knives from the block. Then shake the block over a bag so that anything in the holes will fall out.
  2. Fill your sink with hot water and an agent for disinfecting. You will want to allow the block to set in the solution for about a minute. You should also be sure to pour some of the solution into the holes before placing it into the hot water.
  3. Dump the solution out of the block and run it under clean hot water.
  4. Repeat the process until the water in the block rinses clean and clear.
  5. Allow the block to air dry on the kitchen counter. You can set the block on a towel or in your drain rack.

You will want to repeat this process as often as possible. After all, no one wants to have their clean knives set in a block with bacteria in it. Bacteria could be transferred over to your food as you eat if this is the case. So cleaning your kitchen knife block is very important to remember.

You can help keep your block as clean as possible by making sure that you only put clean knives back into the block. Also, make sure that your knives are completely dry before you put them in the block to keep water from settling into the block and growing bacteria.