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10 Best Japanese Chef Knives Sets in 2022

In this best Japanese chef knives review guide, we will select a few of the top and best Japanese knives that every expert should own upon their knife collection. The Shun, Global, and Ginsu brands make some of the best Japanese chef knives in the world.

Best Japanese Chef Knives Reviews

Wusthof Knife Classic Ikon 5-Inch Santoku Hollow Edge Review

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If you’re on the lookout for the best Japanese chef knives in the market, you can try out Wusthof’s Classic Ikon Santoku knife, a versatile Japanese knife perfect for cutting and mincing or dicing just about anything you have in your kitchen.

The Ikon Santoku knife boasts of its five-inch stainless-steel blade tempered to perfect sharpness.

The broad blade has many indentations along its body to prevent even finely minced food items from sticking to the sides.

This Wusthof knife displays incredible workmanship and a striking, professional look.

The tapered bolster design renders the knife lightweight and very easy to sharpen.

There is a full tang that sprawls from the knife’s tip and all throughout the handle this gives you exceptional control, a better balance, and a better feel.

What is particularly attractive about this Wusthof knife is that it has all the features of the classic Wusthof knife lines.

If you want to know just how much craftsmanship the manufacturers put forward to create Wusthof knives, then this 5-inch Ikon Santoku knife will show you just that.

Product Features/Specifications

Incredibly versatile for chopping, cutting, and dicing, this Wusthof knife delivers exceptionally in every kitchen.

At first use, you will notice its distinct precision and unfaltering control, all of which are produced by the knife’s unmatchable sharpness.

The curved handle fits every hand perfectly, so usage is safe and well-balanced all throughout.

As with all Japanese knives, this Wusthof knife lasts longer than any other knife because of its Wusthof-specified stainless steel.

The built-in bolster lets you hold the handle comfortably, so you can cut seamlessly without slipping and faltering.

The 5-inch Ikon Santoku Wusthof knife has a broad blade, so you can easily scoop your ingredients onto a plate or a pan.

The ingenious hollow edge also stops your food from sticking to the blade, so you can mince all you want without the need to wipe food of the blade all the time.

The blade is extremely strong, thanks to its precisely tempered stainless steel which allows the edge to stay sharp longer without the need for frequent maintenance.

If you’re dealing with corrosive ingredients, you can rest assured that your knife will not be damaged.

Just always make sure to wash the blade after use. Reviews Both professionals and amateurs alike love the 5-inch Ikon Santoku’s sharpness, which allows it to cut practically anything with limited effort.

They also love the knife’s versatility, since it allows them to cut, dice, mince or slice anything to paper thin perfection.

One of the best loved features of this Wusthof knife is its hollow edge.

Users have tested this knife and discovered that food items do not stick to the blade, even with repeated use.

The knife is lightweight, and users commented about being able to use the knife tirelessly even for long periods of time. Another attractive future is the knife’s look.

The African wood handle looks fashionably Asian, which makes this knife a fantastic addition to Asian inspired kitchens.

In addition to this, the handle of this Wusthof knife has in-built contours, and users love how it fits their hands perfectly.

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Global Knife – G48 7-Inch Hollow-Ground Santoku Review

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In the past, people have always preferred European brands whenever they were looking for a knife for their cookware set.

A chef knife has to be of the utmost quality, and it must have the capability to last for a long time without the need to use a knife sharpener frequently.

The Global Knife G-48 7-inch hollow-ground Santoku has changed to world of cooking. These Japanese knives are now important tools that should be found in any kitchen.

The blade is made of a special type of stainless steel called molybdenum, and it is perfect for slicing, dicing, chopping, and any other kind of task you may have for your knife.

Its dimensions are about 11 by 3 inches, and it has a face ground with a long taper, which is precisely the reason why it stays so sharp much longer.

Its handle has been molded to make handling it more comfortable than any other knife ever created.

This Global Knife also has dimples that have been added to the handle for extra safety, because stainless steel tends to become so much more slippery than the usual wood or plastic handles that knives have.


The reviews of this knife have been fantastic. Customers are getting satisfied left and right, with people saying that with the Global Knife that they bought, they have been able to cook their meals without using other types of knives.

They especially love how it is so sharp and efficient in doing its job, and has truly made cooking so much more pleasurable that it usually is.

As for professionals who have used this knife in their kitchens either for business or personal use, they also agree that it is a step above what other knives have been able to do.

This Global knife is truly changing the way many people prepare their meals.

In fact, you would have a very difficult time trying to look for a negative review online.


The only thing negative thing that can be said about this knife is that people may not realize just how sharp it is.

There have been experiences that have been shared about cutting themselves on the blade, simply because they did not realize that it was that sharp.

This is one of the reasons why this Global knife is being marketed, as a knife that is for professionals.

You need to give the knife a certain level of respect, because it is truly one sharp tool that will cut you if you do not use it properly.

For a quarter of the price that you would pay for a European knife that is not half as sharp as this knife, you will have an indispensable tool that you can use to cook up sumptuous meals.

Overall, if you want to have a knife that will stay sharp, easy to use, and looks cool, then this Global Knife is just the knife for you.

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Global Knife Set G48338 3-Piece Hollow Ground Santoku Review

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Around the world, Japanese knives have been gaining popularity and respect of chefs, home cooks and moms who enjoy working in the kitchen.

Don’t let the thin blades fool you, these knives are razor sharp and are guaranteed to cut through all food surfaces with the ease of a pro.

This is one of the greatest qualities you could ever find in a knife. It allows you to preserve the form of the food even as you cut it because of the increased maneuvering these Japanese knives allow for.

The main difference of the global knife set compared to other knives in the market is that it is engineered to follow have a straight point edge.

Compared to other brands with a bevelling edge, the straight pointed global knife set grant more precision and control over the cutting.

In terms of appearance, the global knife set is seamless and perfect. It is made with the finest steel and is guaranteed never ever to rust.

Product Features/Specifications

The global knife set is basically made and blended with an eighteen percent chromium content.

This is what gives it its resistance to stains and marks that might be acquired due to frequent use. This also prevents the possibility of it being deformed.

This state-of-the-art engineering allows it to keep its razor-sharp edge for as long as it is being used in the kitchen.

The handle of each piece of the global knife set is filled with sand. The hollow handle is filled just with the right amount in order to facilitate for greater balance while in use.

Aside from that, it is made with a non slip grip surface which will avoid the possibility of knife accidents to happen.

All of these pieces came from a special forge in Japan combining CROMOVA 18 Stainless Steel and chromium plus molybdenum and vanadium that is responsible for its hardened surface and capacity to retain its edge.

Each global knife set contains:

  • a hollow ground 7-inch santoku
  • 5-inch razor-sharp utility knife
  • 3-inch paring knife.


Chefs are absolutely delighted with the performance of every single piece that comes with the package.

When it comes to performance, the Global Knife Set readily matches those of professional forged sets.

This makes it a great blessing to chefs as good cooking equipment can be very hard to find these days given all the available products in the market that claim to be the best.

Home cooks are also very delighted to have welcomed the set into their homes.

This allows them to be able to experience top of the line quality performance that matches the standards of international chefs.

For mothers, this is very good news as this would allow them to give the best for their families.

You can search for individual testimonials in order to see for yourself how pleased consumers are upon getting their very own professional set.


Overall, this product can definitely be considered as a must have for all homes. You don’t have to be a master chef in order to be able to produce gourmet cooking.

Everything can be done as long as you have the necessary equipment and all the rest will follow.

Its skillful engineering definitely makes it the best among its kind which guarantees that you are to get the worth of every penny you’ve spent for it.

These babies are great as an addition to your home or even as a gift item. A global knife set guarantees one hundred percent satisfaction.

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Shun Knife DM0707 Classic 10-Inch Chef’s Knife Review

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Product Description

Shun knives are one of the best Japanese knives in the market today. Known for combining beauty with function, the Shun Knife DM0707 10-inch classic chef’s knife is no exception.

The creation of these has already been mastered by their Japanese makers, known previously for their exquisite samurai swords.

These are simply wonderful to look at, with their Damascus blades imprinted by their signature Japanese logo.

Their handles are made from pakkawood, giving it a classic look and feel.

It’s not just a matter of appearances. The shun knife is sharp straight out of the box and able to handle big kitchen jobs such as cutting poultry, but it can also handle the more delicate tasks, such as making thin tomato slices.

The handle is beautiful with its wooden appeal. It is also very durable because it is injected with waterproof resin to make these resistant to water, making these dishwasher-safe and as sturdy as plastic handles.

Their unique D-shape ensures a steady, easy grip on the knife. The shape of the shun knife is specially designed to prevent sticking. Because of its long length, the DM707 helps chop food in less time compared to shorter knives.

The double-bladed knife is ensured to be rust-resistant, with its VG-10 stainless steel clad with 16 layers of SUS410 high-carbon stainless steel on both edges.

The VG-10 super steel is itself composed of carbon chromium, manganese, molybdenum, silicon, and vanadium.

Despite these, the blade remains thin, light, and flexible, making it more easy to use than thicker, unwieldy knives.

It is sharp enough that a special shun knife block can be bought to handle cuts made by this. You don’t need to put too much pressure on it to cut things, even hard vegetables and meats.

The best part is, the DM0707 doesn’t need to be frequently sharpened. Yes, it is that sharp.

In case you feel that you must sharpen it, you can do so at home, or you can send it to Kershaw who can sharpen it to you for free.

Product Features/Specifications

  • 10-inch blade (25.4 cm.)
  • VG-10 stainless-steel double-edged blades with 16 layers of stainless alloy for a Damascus look
  • One-piece stainless steel bolster, tang, and end-cap
  • D-shaped pakkawood handle for comfortable grip
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Lifetime warranty

Left-handed knives can be specially ordered


Users have praised the DM0707 Shun knife for its physical appearance and functionality.

As one reviewer put it, comparing the shun knife to other knives is like comparing a scalpel against a meat cleaver for surgery.

The blade is extremely sharp, to the point that you can easily cut paper-thin slices of tenderloin with it.

The 10-inch blade provides enough leverage for the users, while being flexible enough as smaller-sized knives.

Its light weight is not an obstacle for most users; in fact most welcome it because it is easier to handle and is as sturdy as the heavier ones.

The unique handle of the shun knife favors right-handed people. While it is possible to order left-handed knives from Kershaw, some may not choose to go through the hassle of doing so, and instead opt for knives that are not particular about dexterity.

The knives are also built for small- to medium-sized hands, so those who have thick, large hands may have difficulty handling these.


If you have the budget, be sure to get this shun knife. Even better, get the complete shun knife set. You won’t regret it, because it’s worth the investment.

This is a blade that can be used to cut practically anything, from bread to meats.

This is the sharpest knife in the market, and the fact that the Shun knife is the most beautiful out there doesn’t hurt either.

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Wusthof Knife Culinar 7-Inch Hollow Edge Santoku Review

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Product Description

Some of the most popular knives ever to grace the kitchen are Japanese knives. These knives are known to be razor-sharp, extremely lightweight, with a beautiful fine edge for perfect cutting.

As opposed to other knives, these cutting tools are tougher and more flexible. They can withstand more abuse and can stay sharper for longer.

The 7-inch Hollow Edge Santoku knife by Wusthof is no different. This Wusthof knife boasts of a very wide and paper-thin blade that gives the user smoother control while chopping or mincing.

The design is elegant, professional, and is a perfect addition to any kitchen in need of a professional cutting knife in its arsenal.

The distinct curvature at the edge of this Wusthof Santoku knife gives the chef better maneuverability so cutting becomes safer and incredibly easy.

Sculpted from an 18/10 stainless steel, this knife is guaranteed to last longer than your other knives in the kitchen.

Santoku knives are famous for their versatility and ease of use. The 7-inch Santoku Wusthof knife is perfect for cutting just about everything from onions, to carrots, fruits, fish or meat.

If you’re looking for a knife that’s perfect for mincing and dicing as well, the 7-inch Santoku works wonders.


This Wusthof knife delivers precise control when used, thanks to its broad but thin blade that allows for a better rocking motion.

Because it has a hollow edge, you get less drag with each cut, so every slice is smooth and flawless.

The hollow edge also prevents food from sticking to the knife, so cutting becomes smooth and less of a hassle. The 7-inch Santoku Wusthof knife is modern in design.

It sports a meticulously sculpted 18/10 stainless steel with an ultimately elegant satin finish. As with other broad-bladed Wusthof culinary knife, you can use its wide blade to scoop chopped food so you can move food items from a chopping board to a plate or pan.

All Wusthof Japanese knives are created from one single piece of seamless high-carbon stainless steel instead of tapered piece by piece which makes them incredibly durable even after years of abuse.

The cutting edge of this Wusthof knife is craftily created to be curved, so every cut is stable with less rocking and faltering.

The knife is perfect for cutting straight-down and just about everyone can blaze through with their chopping once they get used to this sort of knife.


Users love this Wusthof knife for its ease of use. They find it perfect for chopping food items that require precision in cutting, particularly veggies and seafood.

The most well loved characteristic of this knife however, is its look. It is sleek, professional and fits in perfectly with any Wusthof knife set.

The shiny handle and the thin blade boasts of a certain elegance that only Japanese knives have.

Another well-loved feature of this Wusthof knife is its hollow edge, which means that every slice falls down the chopping board cleanly.

It has multiple air pockets on the sides to prevent your food from sticking to the knife.


If you are looking for a well-rounded kitchen knife, the 7-inch Santoku is perfect for you. The knife makes a good addition to your cutting arsenal, and you’re bound to find some great uses for it.

The only drawback the users found from this knife is that it tends to slip from your hands if you held something greasy.

The steel-handle is not non-slip, so you should always dry your hands before using. The apparent versatility of this Wusthof knife makes up for this disadvantage, however.

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Shun Knife DM0702 Classic 7-Inch Santoku Review

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Product Description

For those who are serious about cooking, you know that there’s a lot more to chef knifes than blades and handles put together. It has to be sharp enough to cut through foodstuff. It has to be well-balanced for easy handling.

The weight has to be right to ease the strain on the user. Most knives have one or two of these features, but not all three. The DM07027-inch shun knife possesses all of these, and more.

The DM0702 santoku knife boasts of all the advantages of the shun knife and represents the best of Japanese knives.

It has a VG-10 stainless steel blade, composed of carbon, chromium, cobalt, manganese, molybdenum, silicon, and vanadium, making it one of the sharpest knives out in the market today.

It is coated with 16 layers of SUS410 high-carbon stainless steel, creating a gorgeous Damascus-looking blade without the downside of being rust-prone, all the while ensuring that foodstuffs will not stick to it and slow down the cutting.

Its handle is made of black pakkawood, which gives it a classic look while ensuring a good grip and durability, having been impregnated with a polymer that makes it moisture-resistant.

All of these make for a beautiful shun Santoku knife that is also highly functional.

Santoku is a word that, when loosely translated, refers to its three uses: slicing, dicing and mincing.

The DM0702 7-inch shun knife is no exception, as it is very flexible in use, able to chop up ham as easily as it can slice vegetables.

Product Features/Specifications

  • Blade measures 7 inches; the knife is 12 inches long with the handle
  • Innermost layer made of VG-10 super steel
  • Added 16 layers of SUS410 high-carbon stainless steel for a Damascus finish
  • PakkaWood handle, crafted from resin and white birch, the hardest wood currently available
  • NSF-approved
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Free sharpening from Shun


There’s no getting around it: users love the DM07027-inch shun kitchen knife. Its physical appearance is also something you couldn’t frown at.

As one reviewer described it, the shun knife is practically a work of art that it seems almost a crime to use it on something as ordinary as chopping up onions. It’s very functional too.

One reviewer commented that the shun knife practically feels like an extension of ones hand, a possible throwback of the samurai swords that the knife makers have previously been known for.

Users especially love its rounded edge, which makes mincing easier but not taking away anything from its chopping and slicing abilities.

The knife is especially geared for right-handed people because of its specially-designed D handle, so leftists may find this as a turn-off, even though left-handed versions can be specially ordered.

While the shun knife is dishwasher-safe, it is highly recommended to hand-wash it instead and then dry immediately. Immersing it in water for a long period of time will damage its edge.


The DM07027-inch shun knife is a must-have in the kitchen of serious chefs. While it is more expensive than other knives, it is well worth the investment.

It’s not just because of its beauty, which will make you the envy of your family and friends who come to visit.

Its sharpness, good balance and weight, make the Shun Knife DM07027 the perfect all-purpose knife in the kitchen.

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Shun Premier Chef’s Knife (8″)

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These Japanese knives for sale are a good inclusion for anybody who likes to cook and prepare meals.

This is a multi-purpose, eight inches kitchen knife, that is good along with any work consisting of; slicing, chopping, and dicing meats and vegetables.

Tsuchime material is a manual-hammered touch from Japan, that provides an attractive appearance upon the Damascus layered steel.

This manual-hammered design also reduces any drag which happens whilst chopping and maintains food items from getting stuck to the knife’s blade.

These best Japanese chef knives handles are designed using a special Parkwood material, that feels comfortable within the palm area of the user’s hand, providing the person a range of various comfortable and secure grips.

This eight inches top rated Japanese chef knives measures around inches. This scales 61/60 in the Rockwell measurement of thickness and has a forever limited company warranty.

Whilst, this model is marketed as dishwasher-safe, this is advised to air dry and hand wash for long-lasting care and use.

While many customers are happy with the outcome of this top rated Japanese kitchen knives. Users must realize which the kitchen knife is really costly, as well as not in everybody’s budget.

If you are the type of customer who prefers to buy knife products as a complete set then you are the fortune as we have discovered one of many best Japanese knives set that you can order.

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Ginsu 7108 Chikara Eight-piece Knife Set

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This affordable Japanese Chef knife set is available less than for an entire collection of best Japanese knives, that is not a deal broker at whatsoever.

For an eight piece kitchen knife set along with a free Bamboo storage block this set is usually the inexpensive item on this best Japanese chef knives review roundup.

They are well-known for superior dexterity together with chopping, dicing, and slicing.

Japanese-design handles usually are an ideal complement for your kitchen knife. These are normally rounded as well as created of a heat and waterproof resin material.

The kitchen knives all are complete tang for durability and stability when slicing. It is one of the best Japanese knives in the world.

All of their Japanese knives for sale are strictly hand wash. Make sure to stick to care descriptions for long-lasting sturdiness. A forever limited company warranty is given along with your order.

In case you have bigger palm or hand this could not actually be the correct knife set to you since the knife’s handle are quite a bit thin.

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Shun Ken Onion 3-Piece Knife Set

The Shun Ken Onion 3-Piece Knife Set is a variety of the Shun Knife Set produced by the renowned knives manufacturing company, Kershaw.

The Ken Onion Shun is a brand that is largely associated with the original company known as the Shun Group that manufactured and distributed the Shun Knife Set in America.

The Shun line was then acquired by Kershaw making it more popular than ever.

The Shun Knife Set has been believed to be the best cutlery set for cooking and is ideal for the preparation of vegetarian recipes. However, it also provides excellent outputs when used for meats and other ingredients other than vegetables.

Particularly, the Shun Knife Set coined as the Shun Ken Onion 3-Piece Set is a knife set is designed by Ken Onion, one of the top knife designers in the world.

If you are after efficient cutting, slicing, and dicing, this knife set should definitely be included in your list.

Product features

This Ken Onion Shun Knife Set basically includes three knives:

  • one three-inch paring knife
  • seven-inch hollow-ground Santoku
  • a four-inch chef knife.

It is made of sturdy VG-10 steel. On each side of the blade are 16 layers of high carbon stainless steel which ensures that the blade is one of the toughest and sharpest parts in the kitchen cutlery market.

The Ken Onion Shun Knife Set also features a unique offset bolster designed to follow the natural contour of the thumb and allows the forefinger to rest comfortably on it, decreasing the tension in the fingers.

Its pakkawood resin-impregnated hardwood handles are also designed ergonomically to provide ample comfort and ease of use.

The blade has slight patterning, which keeps cut food and ingredients from sticking to it.

This is actually a time saver as you would not have to wipe the cut foods left in the knife as you are preparing. These patterns also protect the steel blade core.

It also has an extra curve, which provides more freedom for motion across the cutting board.

This will make anyone, whether a professional chef or not, an expert in terms of cutting control.


Conclusion: Best Japanese Chef Knife Set Reviews

In general, we believe you liked our detailed guide on the Best Japanese Chef Knives. As mentioned earlier, Japanese kitchen knives are top-quality, well-designed and appropriate for accurate cutting. Anyhow, thanks a ton for checking out our guide in advance all the best to select the best Japanese knives.