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Henckels Knives Reviews 2022

Welcome to our comprehensive JA Henckels knife set reviews. A J. A Henckels knife set is recognized as to possess a selection of a few of the top kitchen knives designed for kitchen purposes. In case you are thinking about buying the most magnificent knives, in that case, the J.A Henckels blades are the best in the market today. Read the detailed Henckels knives review to find out the best knife set.

Top Four JA Henckels Knife Set Reviews Products

Image Name Price
Zwilling J.A. Henckels Pro S Stainless-Steel 8-Piece Knife Set Amazon Price
Eversharp Pro 7-Piece Santoku Set Amazon Price
International Fine Edge Synergy 17-Piece Knife Set Amazon Price
J.A. Henckels International Everedge 13-Piece Knife Set Amazon Price

Understanding JA Henckels Knife Set Available For Sale

The cost range of Zwilling J A Henckels knives in the marketplace differs from moderate to large based on their dimension and number of kitchen knives within a knife set.

The collection of these kitchen knives is regarded as a gem for decades because they are probably the most convenient, classy, and sharp knives that often do not require sharpening regularly.

Two kinds of best JA Henckels knife set models can be found in the marketplace – Zwilling J A Henckels knives as well as J A Henckels International. Go through the below Henckel’s knives review for a brief description of each type.

Zwilling J A Henckels knives

These kitchen knives are one of the high-tech items in this group. The J A Henckels Knife Set designed in this group are widely accepted worldwide as the top cutlery knives via their red color logo along with a couple of persons. Eight item lines are sold in this group. The titles consist of TWIN II Four Star, Cermax, Cuisine and TWIN 1731 for example.

JA Henckels International

J. A. Henckels knives within this item line are more customer-oriented and are identified via their blue color one person unique logo.

Ever sharp, ever-edge, and detailed edge are among the important functions of the majority of these kitchen knives.

Those are among a few of the best cutleries even though they don’t resemble in functions along with JA Henckels knife set products.

Other Functions Of The J A Henckels Knife Set

J A Henckels knives are one of the top knives available for sale where you could discover cutleries created by a range of manufacturers and brands.

The perfect functions of best Henckels knife set models are which those are stamped, forged and also machined.

These are well-known for its attractive styles in addition to well-designed blades. A couple of high-end Zwilling knife lines consist of the Henckels Couteau series and JA Henckels knife set Everedge.

Actually the caliber of a kitchen knife doesn’t rely on its handcraft and fanciness, however, upon the high quality of item material utilized in its handle and blade together with the performance.

The knives forged from Henkel Company begin their adventure by stamping upon them to make sure they’re high-quality since they utilize the finest material on the handle and edge of their kitchen knives.

8 Best J A Henckels Knife Set Reviews

Zwilling J.A. Henckels Pro S Stainless-Steel 8-Piece Knife Set with Block Review

J A Henckels knife set reviewsCheck Price on Amazon

Each knife in the Zwilling J.A. Henckels Pro S stainless steel 8-piece knife set is ideal for use in an everyday kitchen or the kitchen of a skilled chef, especially the chef’s, the paring knife, and the Santoku knife.

To round out the set’s usefulness, a utility knife, bread knife, and kitchen shears are also included in the set.

The sharpening steel helps to keep the blade edges finely sharpened so they are easier to work with when preparing food.

Everything fits perfectly into the hardwood knife block for storage and easy retrieval when needed.

There are even a few open spaces where additional kitchen knives can be added to the storage block.

The storage block is solidly constructed, well-balanced, and will remain in place when the other pieces of the set are removed or returned. In addition, it looks great with any kitchen décor.

Buy Zwilling J.A. Henckels Pro S Stainless-Steel 8-Piece Knife Set with Block from Amazon.

The blades of the knives in this set are forged from high-carbon stainless steel. Each edge is formed in such a way that it will easily last the lifetime of the knife even though it is sharpened and honed repetitively during that time.

The manufacturing process finely grinds and polishes the surface of the blade, making it less likely to corrode.

As the steel of the blades meets the handle, a bolster is formed. The bolster is one of the keys to having a well-balanced knife.

From the bolster, the stainless steel is thinned into a tang. The tang on each knife in this set is full-sized so it reaches all of the way through the handle to the butt of the knife. The tang adds weight to the handle to counter the weight of the blade.

Besides, it adds strength to the knife since the blade and tang are made from the same piece of metal that goes the entire length of the knife.

Pressing down on the handle gives the user leverage when cutting harder foods.

To ensure the stability of the knives the tang is held within the parts of the handle by three strong rivets. This joining is virtually seamless so there is no place for food particles or bacteria to hide when the knife is cleaned.

The handles of the knives in this set are ergonomically-shaped from Novodur. This material is semi-resistant to heat and impact.

The curved shape of the handles gives the user a sure grip and there are no sharply angled edges that might feel uncomfortable in the hand.

These knives are a little heavier due to the full-length tang, but they are well-balanced and durable. Most people that try them like that they are well-balanced and the fact that they remain sharp over the years.

Others feel that, although the set has a good supply of useful knives, it should contain additional knives to make it more complete.

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Eversharp Pro 2-Piece Santoku Set

J.A Henckels knife set Check Price on Amazon

The Eversharp Pro 2-Piece Santoku Set will thrill you with its versatility, as each knife comes with precision-stamped blades made of high-quality stainless steel.

The blades are mirror-polished and the edge comes with a satin finish. Their edges are micro-serrated, so you will never need to worry about sharpening them.

The handles are made of contoured polypropylene and are triple-riveted for added strength and balance for the fully visible tang construction of the blades.

Eversharp Pro 2-Piece Santoku Set Review:

The customers who reviewed this knife set gave it an average rating of 4.1 stars. They liked how the knives were of high quality while being at a reasonable price.

The knives were described as being very comfortable to use, and perfect for slicing thin-skinned fruits and vegetables.

One reviewer shared that she could not be happier with this pair of Santoku knives, and they were still as sharp as new even after two years.

She even shared how she had washed them in the dishwasher many times but did not have any problems with rust.

They were also found to make clean and precise cuts on everything from fruits and vegetables to meat, even with the serrated edges, although the reviewers believed the serrations should have been more highlighted on the product details as it became the cause of ire with some buyers.

One user described it as a great pair of knives for novice cooks.

Another buyer shared that he bought this set because he did not have to worry about rust and sharpening them again and again. He also found the knives to hold up very well, in agreement with several other reviewers’ findings, too.

One common issue brought up was from reviewers who preferred smooth edges on his knives, as they found the serrations to tear tomatoes instead of slicing them.

Based on these customer reviews, we would highly recommend these Santoku knives for buyers who would not mind using serrated blades.

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Eversharp Pro 7-Piece Knife Set

JA Henckels knife sets Check Price on Amazon

The Eversharp Pro 7-Piece Knife Set by J.A. Henckels is all that any starting family will need.

The knives come with blades made from high-grade stainless steel and handles are made of black polypropylene which has been contoured, held in place around the full tang blades with triple rivets for added strength and balance.

The knives feature cutting edges with a specially designed pattern of micro-serration to ensure long life for sharpness.

The set includes:

  • an 8″ chef’s knife,
  • an 8″ bread knife,
  • a 7″ Santoku,
  • a 5″ boning knife,
  • a 5″ tomato knife,
  • a 3″ paring knife,
  • a hardwood storage block.

The company recommends hand washing to preserve the edges of your knives, and while the blades are made in China, the company backs them with a lifetime warranty for possible defects.

Eversharp Pro 7-Piece Knife Set Review:

The customers who reviewed this knife set gave it an average rating of 4.1 stars. They liked how the knives were amazingly sharp, and how they were great for everyday use.

One reviewer issued warnings about getting cut accidentally, as he had done so quite a few times.

Another reviewer commended the handles for being comfortable and the knives being easy to cut with considering their thick and strong metal blades.

They were considered to be of great quality while being economical versus other more expensive Henckel knives.

The “eversharp” feature of the blade was also greatly appreciated, as the knives never seemed to need sharpening. One user even admitted that they sometimes washed their knives in the dishwasher, although it wasn’t recommended, without having any problems.

Another buyer said they were a lot better than most inexpensive sets and considered them good value for money, but for serious chefs, he believed the more expensive Henckels were the way to go.

The only issue brought up so far was that some buyers received a different looking storage block as in the picture.

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International Fine Edge Synergy 17-Piece Knife Set

Check Price on Amazon

The International Fine Edge Synergy 17-Piece Knife Set by J.A. Henckels is all you ever need in one knife set.

Made of with high-quality German steel, each blade is made of one piece and with stamped construction, which assures you of durability.

The blades are also hand-honed to give you a cutting edge that lasts long, and rubberized plastic handles are contoured and have a brushed stainless steel cap. The full tang is held in place with triple rivets.

The set includes:

  • Eight 4.5-inch steak knives
  • a 6-inch utility knife,
  • a 2.75-inch paring knife,
  • an 8-inch chef’s knife,
  • a 5.5- inch boning knife,
  • an 8-inch bread knife,
  • an 8-inch carving knife,
  • 7-inch hollow-edge Santoku knife

International Fine Edge Synergy 17-Piece Knife Set Review:

The customers who reviewed this knife set gave it an average rating of 4.4 stars. They liked how it was a great purchase for its price.

The knives were found to be very sharp and well-designed with ergonomically thought-out features. It was also considered among the higher quality sets of Henckel.

The knives were also considered very light though a little delicate, which made it a little challenging to control.

The block reportedly came with a few extra empty slots, which made it perfect for other knives the user might already have.

One reviewer shared how he was very impressed with the quality of the knives, with their being very sharp while being easy to use.

He also expected many years of use out of these knives, and he believed he got more than his money’s worth.

One buyer reported that she bought it for her daughter and son-in-law, and the couple reportedly could not stop raving about them. She also commended the speed of shipping.

Another reviewer received it as a present, and she considered it a good starter set for people who were not willing to pay more money for a higher quality set of knives.

Among the major concerns brought up in the negative reviews was rusting, but some reviewers contested that finding, pointing out that any high-quality knife would indeed suffer rust if it was not taken care of properly.

He reminded buyers that these knives needed to be hand washed and completely dried after every use, and should not be haphazardly tossed into the dishwasher, as it really would raise the chances of rust formation.

Another user recommended sharpening the knives after every half dozen uses, although of course, that’s expected for any regular knife.

Based on these customer reviews, we recommend this knife set for anyone looking for a complete set for personal use or to give as a present for starting families or newly married couples. You will certainly appreciate the quality that you get for an affordable price.

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J.A. Henckels International Everedge 13-Piece Knife Set

 Check Price on Amazon

The J.A. Henckels International Everedge 13-Piece Knife Set with Bonus Cheese Knife is the ultimate set for starting families as well as those wanting to start up their kitchen anew!

This set of slim, lightweight knives come stamped in stainless steel, with edges micro-serrated, making them not require sharpening.

The set comprises of six kitchen knives and six 5-inch steak knives that fit nicely into a rubber-footed woodblock with individual slots.

The set includes:

  • an 8-inch chef’s knife with a curved blade to make chopping easier with a rocking motion;
  • 6 4-1/2-inch steak knives
  • a 5-inch tomato knife that comes with a narrow, curved blade; a bread knife measuring 8 inches;
  • a utility knife and boning knife both measuring 6 inches, perfect for de-boning meats, fish, and poultry;
  • 2 2 ½ inch paring knife for cleaning and peeling fruits and vegetables.
  • A bonus of a pronged-tip knife best used for slicing cheese and spearing the slices is included in the set.

The knives are dishwasher safe, but hand wash is recommended to preserve their edges.

This set is made in China but comes with the German company’s lifetime warranty against quality defects.

Those who loved the knife set commended how they were very sharp and comfortable to grip.

They also liked the polypropylene handles, which could reportedly withstand high temperatures and by nature did not harbor bacteria like other knife sets that came with rivets or wooden handles.

The users also pointed out that the knives were not full-tang, as more advanced users usually preferred, and that if you were looking for a high-end set, it might be wise to look elsewhere.

Other users also mentioned that they chose this “second-tier set” but that it was a satisfactory experience, with the construction quality being decent and suiting their purposes fine.

They reportedly cut well and fit perfectly in the included block. One user called it a “dream to work with,” but also admitted that she found it a surprise that the handles were made of plastic.

Another reviewer pointed out that the set was still better than the majority of knives sold in the market, but were not comparable to the higher end knives made by Henckel or any other top manufacturer.

As such we would highly recommend this knife set for the budding chef or the starting family, but if you are a serious cook and can spare a higher budget, perhaps you can look for the higher-end J A Henckels Knife Set , as Germany-made knives are considered the best in the trade.

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Zwilling J.A. Henckels Four Star 8-Piece Knife Set with Block Review

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Zwilling J.A. Henckels Four Star 8-Piece knife set is manufactured by Henckels under the Zwilling name. It is part of the Four Star series designed after consultation with professional chefs that are renowned in their culinary prowess.

This makes these up-scale knives well sought after in many parts of the world.

The eight pieces include the hardwood block, the sharpening steel and the kitchen shears, and five precision kitchen knives that are often used when preparing food.

Storing the knives, shears, and sharpening steel is easy and convenient with the knife block.

Each knife is stored on its side in the block to preserve the fine cutting edge. There are additional slots in the block which provide space for separately purchased knives that enhance the essential ones that are already included in the set.

The handles of these knives are made from polypropylene which is very durable. The handles are not likely to chip, crack, or break when dropped or accidentally mishandled.

In addition, they will retain their color and shape, even if the knives are cleaned repeatedly in a high powered automatic dishwasher.

Of course, washing them in soapy, hot water, by hand, is the best method for keeping them sanitary.

The handles are shaped so that they have an easy grip for most people’s hands and they are well balanced for easy use even on the hardest foods to cut.

The butt ends of the knife handles are thick and sturdy to support the person’s hand and keep it from slipping off while using the knives.

High carbon no-stain steel is used in the manufacturing of the blades and it is done with the forging process. This ensures that these knives will keep their fine edge for a long time, even after being sharpened over many years.

The steel of the blades is formed into a thick bolster right before the knife handle and then it is thinned into a pointy rat tail tang that is fitted into the handle.

Since the rat tail tang is bonded to the inside of the handle there is no need to use rivets to secure the handle to the blade.

Knives with rat tail tangs are somewhat lighter when handled since there is less steel used to construct them than if they had full sized tangs.

The bolster adds balance to the knife and it gives a comfortable place for the fingers to grip the knife while it is in use.

In addition, the bolster also keeps the fingers safer because it does not allow them to slide forward onto the cutting edge of the blade easily.

Overall, this knife set is everything that is needed in just about any standard kitchen. Most people like the reliability of these knives, and few complaints are not merely the stating of preference.

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Zwilling JA Henckels TWIN Signature Knife 19-Piece Block Set Review

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Few knife sets can compare with the completeness of the Zwilling JA Henckels TWIN Signature Knife 19-Piece Block Set.

In addition to eight non-serrated steak knives that look and function wonderfully during meals, the set also includes the basic paring knife, chef or cook’s knife, and the long bread knife.

Some of the other knives that are in this set, like the Santoku and peeler, are more commonly found in kitchens of experienced chefs.

Along with the various knives, there are a kitchen shears that come in quite handy for use in snipping herbs or even trimming the ends of stems of flowers.

Everything is organized perfectly in the bamboo wood storage block, including the shears and the sharpening steel that efficiently hones the edges of the blades in between sharpening.

The exquisite blades are constructed in Germany out of high carbon stainless steel that is stamped rather than forged.

Among other things, this signifies that these knives are without the bolsters that found on some knives.

After the specific shapes of the blades are formed, the blades are ice-hardened as part of the manufacturing process.

The thin cutting edge of each blade is easily sharpened and it will remain acute for the duration of the knife’s life.

As the stainless steel continues toward the butt end of the knife, it is thinned out and formed into the long tang of the knife.

The tang conforms in shape to that of the ergonomically shaped handle. Since the tang is the full size of the handle, it adds some extra weight to the handle end of the knife, which counterbalances the blade’s heaviness.

Three well-placed rivets are traditional for this type of knife. They are used to add strength to the bonding between the tang and the other parts of the knife handle.

These rivets are well set and leave no crevices where bacteria could flourish. There are also no crevices anywhere else along the joining of the tang and handle parts.

More experienced chefs will enjoy the variety of size and specialty of the many knives in the set and those that are new to food preparation will discover the wonder of having the proper knife for each task readily available.

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J.A. Henckels International Forged Premio 18-Piece Block Set Review

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The J.A Henckel international forged premium 18-piece block set includes:

  • Eight steak knives
  • 3-inch paring knives
  • 8-inch chef knife
  • 6-inch chef knife
  • 6-inch utility knife
  • 7-inch hollow Santoku knife
  • 8-inch bread knife
  • 5-inch Serrated knife

Buy J.A. Henckels International Forged Premio 18-Piece Block Set from Amazon

The set includes approximately anything you would need in your kitchen for cutting or slicing food in a way that makes this work as easy as pleasant.

Some of the qualities of these knives that make this possible are:

An excellent rapport between weight and balance. The knives appear to be heavy- especially when it is about chef knife- but this feeling disappears when you begin cutting and slicing. The filling being replaced with one that makes you feel that you use a professional product.

The tag extends on all the length of the knife, contributing to their balance and strength.

Triple-riveted, an emblem of the brand assures comfort and a good control of the knife.

A very finely manufactured blade adds to the idea of quality and aesthetics at the same time.

All in all, these knives feel and work well and you no need to do exceptional things to keep these knives in good condition for a long time.

The recommendations of how to maintain this good quality of the knives are included in the packet you get when buying them. Try this J A Henckels Knife Set today.

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J.A. Henckels International Classic 15-piece Forged Knife Block Set Review

best Henckels knife set Check Price on Amazon

J.A Henckel is a knife manufacturer located in Germany. Henckel is one the well known and large brand on this market of knives’ manufacturers.

The history of the mark started practically in 1731 when Peter Zwilling registered Zwilling company, making it one of the oldest trademark in this domain.

Henckel produces a multitudes of lines of kitchen cutlery. The main line, the best known world wide, includes fully forged knives with a molded handle made of polypropylene and a tang that extends along the entire length of the handles.

The knives feature high carbon stainless steel blades, which are ice hardened for a better cutting and stain resistance.

The knives have a traditional 3-rivet polypropylene handle- one of the emblems of the mark.

Currently, the knives are produced by two brands, Zwilling J.A Henckel and J.A. Henckel International.

While Zwilling J.A Henckel is the traditional mark and produced in Germany, International J.A Henckel knives are produced in other countries. The most known ones are: Spain and China.

J.A. Henckels International Classic 15-piece Forged Knife Block Set

If the difference in price between knives produced in Germany and Spain can be insignificant, the difference in price between knives produced in these two countries and those produced in China really is.

However, this difference of price is not necessarily reflected in the quality of the knives. If you expect quality, Henckel knives offer you this quality irrespective of where they are manufactured.

J.A Henckel International classic 15-piece Forged Block Set is produced in Spain.

So, for those who hold to tradition and history, Toledo’s steel was and is still famous for its qualities worldwide. This knife set is the perfect gift for a perfectly equipped kitchen.

Buy J.A. Henckels International Classic 15-piece Forged Knife Block Set from Amazon

The most important items that the set includes are:

  • a 4-inch paring knife – easy to work with, perfect for peeling and coring foods. Cutting small items of fruits or vegetables is really a work you can do easily and fast using this knife.
  • 5-inch serrated utility knife – usually this type of knife is hard to sharpen, many chefs prefer to buy a new one that to sharp it. It is not the case with this knife, which is conceived to not need sharpness for many years of using it.
  • 5-inch hollow knife Santoku knife – useful when chopping, dicing and slicing foods into tinny and fine pieces.
  • 6-inch utility knife, the big brother of a paring knife, this knife is useful there where the foods items are too large for paring knives. It works very well in the case of: herbs, vegetals, big fruits or and larges pieces of garlic.
  • The “queen” of the set is, of course, 8-inch chef knife. A very well balanced knife, and comfortable to grasp.

You could feel it a little heavy, but when you start slicing and chopping, you come to understand that it is a big advantage.

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Things To Look For While Reading Through The JA Henckels Knife Set Reviews

Regardless of whether you are purchasing a beginner Zwilling knife collection or perhaps a kitchen knife block collection, you should think about specific functions to make sure the high quality associated with the J A Henckels knife set.

In terms of J A Henckels knife set reviews, we listed the three essential factors to consider when buying the best Henckels knife set review below.

Razor-sharpness associated with the cutting blades – The first function to be concentrated on often is which the knife blades of the kitchen knives must be razor-sharp.

Based on numerous professionals, the tip and heel of your knife, notably cook’s knife and serrated knife, must be somewhat greater than the center of its edge and blade of the kitchen knife should feature a bit of curve.

The overall performance of the J A Henckels knife set within the chopping board turns effortless along with this function.

The well-balanced knife blade and handle – Second function to be concentrated on often is the stability among blade and handle of the Henckels reviews knives.

Your gentle hand ought to be pleasant whilst holding the kitchen knife. Although it might vary from user to the user, your hand can feel effortless if you test this function while purchasing a JA Henckels knife set.

Tang of your knife – Although this function is not essential yet still, this is perfect for understanding the kind of blade whilst purchasing a brand new set.

Full tang kitchen knives along with a durable one-piece knife blade pinned or riveted among a couple of pieces of knife handle are regarded as the finest.

Such models are much more powerful compared to 50% push or tang knives.

50% tang kitchen knives consist of a section of the complete width of your blade along with the complete dimension of an item, whereas push knives come with blade joint inside the handle along with the much-reduced extension.

A few models which are tapered tang along with reducing width of knife tang together with the dimension of handle are regarded as the finest by minimizing the overall weight of knife handle the stability of your Zwilling knife turns much better. Go through our J A Henckels Knife Set reviews below.

J A Henckels Knife Set Reviews Conclusion

In terms of JA Henckels knife set reviews, this conclusion is important. Therefore, you can determine to purchase a Henckels knife set depending on the scope of the Henckels knives review of a few of the finest knife sets recommended in this article.

However, it is vital to think about all of the points mentioned here whilst purchasing a kitchen knife set to your house as durable products are not bought often.

Purchasing an ideal item is often recommended since this not just saves your money yet also upkeep cost in the near future.