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Dalstrong Fillet Knife Review: Shogun and Gladiator Fillet Knives

Fishing is a favorite hobby of many people around the globe. When anglers catch their prey, they require the best tools to prepare the fish for cooking. One of those tools is a fillet knife for filleting and cleaning fish. Today we're going to talk about Dalstrong fillet knife.

Dalstrong fillet knife is one of the best knives for filleting on the market that offers real value for money. It provides excellent control and helps in cleaning and filleting fish. These knives are used by professional chefs in high-end restaurants and amateur home cooks alike.

We'll look at two Dalstrong fillet knives; The Shogun Series and Gladiator series.

DALSTRONG Fillet Knife - 7" Flexible - Gladiator Series Review

Blade design

Crafted to perform, the DALSTRONG Fillet Knife - 7" Flexible - Gladiator Series is ideal for trimming, skinning, filleting, descaling, and deboning poultry and all types of fish with ease.

This knife's blade is highly flexible and ensures easier maneuverability through the fish body and bones, thanks to the 1.5mm blade thickness.

The full-tang blade of the DALSTRONG Fillet Knife - 7" Flexible - Gladiator Series is exceptionally sharp. It's constructed with high-carbon steel imported from Germany. The hand-crafted blade edge is ground to a staggering 14-16 degrees per side for incredible edge retention and easy maintenance.

Precision-forged in China by Dalstrong Inc using imported materials, the blade of this fish filleting knife is ice-hardened then tempered to HRC of 56+ on the Rockwell hardness scale. This results in a rust and stain-resistant steel blade with incredible hardness, flexibility, and toughness. This fantastic technology produces a flexible but unbreakable knife that is long-lasting.

The full composite tang blade is hand-polished to a beautiful satin finish. The tall height of this Gladiator series fillet knife provides knuckle clearance to help with food preparation tasks.

The Blade Handle

The durable black handle of the DALSTRONG Fillet Knife - 7" Flexible - Gladiator Series is hand-crafted from premium imported materials from Spain. The handle is made to last with beautiful black Pakkawood material that is stronger than the regular wood, resists heat, cold, and discoloration.

Moreover, the non-slip handle is ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable, secure grip even when the cook's hands are wet. The knife fits perfectly in the palm, whether left or right-handed.

The well-balanced stainless steel bolster or finger guard provides extra protection and balance when cutting, and it transitions seamlessly into the handle.

The handle is permanently bonded to the full-tang blade using three rivets for added durability and strength. The engraved Dalstrong center rivet on the handle adds beauty and authenticity to the knife.

Sheath and Warranty

The Dalstrong Gladiator fillet knife comes with two Dalstrong's BPA Perfect sheaths since this amazing knife is designed to be used both at home and out there in the wild. The sheaths are designed to protect the blade. With a 100% satisfaction or money-back guarantee and a limited lifetime warranty, this filleting fish knife is a must-have.


  • Looks aesthetically stunning
  • The blade is razor-sharp and flexible enough to handle a variety of kitchen tasks such as filleting, trimming, filleting, and butterflying meat and fish.
  • Made of high-quality steel imported from Germany
  • It has unique handle material imported from Spain
  • Nice to hold, comfortable, easy to clean, and non-slip handle
  • Has a satisfying heft


  • Relatively high priced compared to other fillet knives in this category
  • Not very sharp straight out of the box according to one customer review

The Dalstrong Shogun Series 6" curved filet knife

Blade design

This Dalstrong Shogun fillet knife is engineered to handle various kitchen tasks precisely, including removing scales, bones, skins, and filleting fish.

The Shogun series fillet knife features a narrow blade that curves up towards the blade's tip for easier maneuverability around the fish skin, joints and bones with minimal effort, thanks to the incredibly sharp edge.

The blade's thickness is 2.0mm at the spine that provides a perfect balance between strength and flexibility. This Dalstrong fillet knife is forged from one piece of Japanese high-carbon steel AUS10V. The blade is constructed with 66 different layers of SUS410 Damascus cladding to improve durability and strength. The steel core has extra levels of high carbon that produce a razor-sharp edge that remain sharp for long.

The blade is hand polished to a beautiful mirror polish using the 3-step Honbazuke method at an astounding 8-10 degrees per side.

To further enhance this workhorse's aesthetics and beauty, Dalstrong has engraved its Lionhead logo into the blade near the bolster.

The Handle

The handle of this Dalstrong fillet knife is precisely made of G-10 Garolite. The G-10 Garolite is a high-quality inert and non-porous fiberglass-like material that is durable and hygienic. The handle is designed for incredible comfort and hand control.

The engraved butt-cap on the handle provides added balance and control.

The 6-inch blade fillet knife comes with a military-grade polymer PerfectFit sheath with an engraved Dalstrong logo with a pin to ensure blade protection.


  • The 6-inch blade is precision forged with premium Japanese AU-10V super steel
  • Has a cutting core of 62+ Rockwell hardness for unmatched cutting performance and incredible edge retention.
  • The 2.00 mm blade thickness provides just enough flex, and the curved blade that tapers to the point enables easier cutting around the bones and skins when filleting.
  • Features a stunning Shogun Series Tsunami Rose blade pattern on the blade for striking beauty.
  • Has meticulously designed handle constructed with G-10 Garolite for durability and comfort when in use.
  • Comes neatly packed


  • Slightly expensive

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