The Best Japanese Chef Knife in the Market Today

The Japanese chef knife is one of the world’s most desired and sought-after knives. Anybody interested in knives, particularly the culinary kind, wants to own one of these. Until almost a decade ago, owning the best Japanese chef knife was not affordable for the average home because of its expensive price. The real chef’s knives … Read more

Honing Vs. Sharpening: The Difference

honing vs sharpeing

Honing vs sharpening. what’s the diference? Much as we love ‘em, even our Best Chef’s Knives don’t stay sharp forever. They dull from use, and to keep their edge, they must be honed and occasionally sharpened. Learn the difference between Honing Vs. Sharpening. Is honing the same as sharpening? Sharpening vs honing vs stropping Is … Read more