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10 Best Tracker Knife Reviews of 2022

The Tracker Knife is a tool that you can use for a variety of tasks. Each part of the knife is designed to do multiple tasks with ease. The knife comes fitted with a chopping blade, a carving blade, a saw blade, and a hammering area. This article reviews the best tracker knife that you can buy at an affordable price.

The Tracker Knife is capable of cutting, splitting, carving, scoring, scraping, sawing, notching, and drilling wood, bone, and even antler. It can be used to gut, skin, and scrape an animal’s hide. It can be used as a spear by tying it to a pole, and you can throw it like a tomahawk. It’s a knife that can be used in a variety of situations.

The Tracker Knife is made in compliance with the strict design criteria specified by Tom Brown Jr. and TOPS USA, the leading maker of tactical knives.

The knife is composed of 3/16″ thick 1095 high-carbon steel. It is laser-cut and hand-ground, then heat-treated and cryo-treated to produce a knife with exceptional edge-holding and durability. It’s then sealed with a baked-on epoxy coating to keep it weatherproof and then laser engraved with the logo, signature, and serial number. As a result, you’ll have a knife that meets even the highest standards.

History of the tracker knife

Over twenty years ago, the Tracker Knife was born after a meeting between Tom Brown and a journalist. The reporter asked Tom which knife he thought was the best for survival during the interview. Tom pondered it for a moment before responding that the ideal survival knife did not yet exist. “Why not?” inquired the interviewer. “Because I haven’t designed it yet,” Tom explained. “That is one knife I would love to see,” the journalist said, challenging Tom. Tom decided he wanted to see it as well.

The basic style of the Tracker Knife was finalized after seven years and dozens of prototypes. Tom sought out a reputable manufacturer and picked Ed Lombi to handcraft the first prototypes. Ed created the knives for several years before moving on to other pursuits. Dave Beck was another manufacturer that Tom found. As Dave began to manufacture the Tracker, he made a few tweaks. Dave also stopped creating the Tracker after about ten years. For a few years, the knife was no longer available.

Tom began working on a feature picture directed by Billy Friedkin and starring Tommy Lee Jones and Benecio Del Torro as a technical consultant and writer in 2001. “The Hunted” is the film’s title, which is loosely based on an incident in Tom’s life. Benecio, who plays the adversary, carries and uses the Tracker Knife.

Tom began looking for a manufacturer that could produce the Tracker in large enough quantities to meet the anticipated demand as the knife gained in popularity. Mike Fuller and TOPS USA, the top producer of tactical knives used by US Special Operations personnel, were chosen by Tom. TOPS has made a work of art that will perform as a true survival aid in the future. “One Life, One Knife,” as the TOPS slogan goes.

The Tracker Knife uses

The Knife Tracker is a serious survival item that can be used for a variety of activities. As long as they are carried out correctly, these duties are safe in and of themselves. The directions in this manual have been prepared to assist you in safely using the Tracker Knife. You are putting your life and limb at risk if you do not follow these directions.

If not used properly, the Tracker Knife, like any knife, can be exceedingly hazardous. When using any knife, you must follow some basic safety regulations; the Tracker Knife is no exception.

Factors to Consider when Using Your best Tracker Style Knife

When taking the knife from the sheath, use extreme caution. When removing or replacing the knife in its sheath, do not place fingers or palms on or near the sheath entrance.

Keep your hands and fingers (and any other body part) away from the knife’s potential path. Always chop with your hand within the range of the knife’s path, i.e. while gripping the piece being chopped. Carving with your fingers in the knife’s path is never a good idea.

Understand that any human flesh it comes into contact with will be cut, sliced, chopped, scraped, or sawed by the Tracker Knife. This tool should be used with respect. Recognize its potential for harm and treat it with respect.

The Tracker Knife is a piece of equipment. You should treat it with the same cautiousness as any other tool. You wouldn’t take chances with a chainsaw, so don’t take chances with this knife.

Best.Buy.Damascus1 Olive Wood 9.5″ Tracker teel Hunting Knife

This magnificent Damascus steel is handcrafted from real buffalo horn, stag or ram horn, camel bone, or premium olive wood, rosewood, blue wood, green wood to create a one-of-a-kind bespoke handcrafted hunting knife you will be proud of!

The Damascus steel blade has been given outstanding heat treatment to produce a (58to60) HRC, with above (276) layers combining (1095) and (15N20) high carbon steel and Low Carbon steel with a durable nickel coating.

To assure outstanding production, the pure leather sheath of this superb Damascus steel knife is constructed of prime quality thick cow skin. The strong thick threads and sturdy double stitching, together with the stylish, rust-resistant sliver button, create a high-standard leather knife sheath to house your valuable Damascus steel safely.

Marvel at the exquisite style of this custom handcrafted Damascus Steel Tracker knife! Feel its smooth texture and compact shape in your Leather Sheath or belt with your hands! Add a less expensive piece of art to your collection and enjoy the added style.

Give this one-of-a-kind Damascus Steel tracking knife to a close friend, family member, or co-workers, and they’ll be grateful for your good taste! Make this great gift for any seasoned or novice knife collector, and watch their face light up when they unwrap this interesting present!

Ottoza Handmade Leather Knife Sheath Right-hand Tracker Knife

The leather knife sheath for this best tracker style knife is handcrafted from premium, hard cow-hide or buffalo-hide leather and the sides have been sanded and smoothed.

The right hand draw horizontal knife sheath is intended for scout carry and is invented to be worn to the back of the belt.

The leather knife sheath is 9″ long with a total width of 3.00″ and is meant to fit blades up to 6.25″ long and 2.00″ wide. Between 4.50 and 6.25 inch, blades can be utilized with this sheath.

Do you need a GIFT for a family member or a close friend? This leather knife sheath is ideal for hunting, camping, groomsman, anniversary, or any other special occasion gift.

1095 High Carbon Hunting Knife Tracker Knives Sheath Black Powder Micarta

The length of the knife is 9.5 inches. 4.5 inches is the approximate overall length. 4.5 inches is the approximate blade length. Handle length is around 1.825 inches, and the widest part of the blank is approximately 5mm thick (3/16+ inch).

Constructed of high-quality 1095 steel and the sheath is made of high-quality black leather. When worn on your rear belt, this sheath is a right-handed draw sheath (referred to as scout style).

A beautiful black powder coating provides rust protection, and the blade is pre-sharpened. For an even sharper razor edge, you can apply a finishing edge.

WolfKlinge Handmade Damascus Steel Tracker Knife 

To create the toughest blade, these handmade Damascus knives are meticulously combined at 15N25 and 1080. For the optimum storage circumstances, the blade is maintained in oil; it can be cleaned with a dry piece of cloth before use.

It’s best used as a hunting, survival, camping, skinning, and tracking knife, making it a full outdoor adventure package. The total length is 9.5 inches, with a blade length of 5.25 inches and a handle length of 4.25 inches.

G-10 is a highly durable reinforced material consisting of fiberglass that has been soaked in resin, crushed, and baked. It becomes impervious to liquid and physically stable under extreme temperature swings due to this procedure. A non-slip coating is usually included with G-10.

It comes with a high-quality handcrafted protective leather belt sheath for safe and secure storage.

Wolfklinge fixed blade knives are intended to last as an excellent camping and hunting knife. This Damascus steel knife is ideal as a camping gift, anniversary gift, groomsman gift, or any other special occasion gift. It offers great workmanship, value, and gift-ability, with a sturdy leather sheath.

Tracker Knife – Stag Handle, Hammered Damascus Hunting Skinning Knives Blades Blade Knife

This tracking knife measures 9.5 inches in length. 4.5 inches is the approximate overall length. 4.5 inches is the approximate blade length. 1.825 inches is the approximate length of the handle. The widest part of the blank, around 5mm thick (3/16+ inch)


The construction is made of high-quality 1095 steel. Sheath is made of high-quality brown or black leather. When worn on the left hip, this is a right-handed draw sheath; when worn on the back, it is a left-handed draw sheath (scout style).

KE-0790-HK Tom Brown Style Tracker Knife 11.50′ D2 Steel Tracker Knife Blackened Blade W/Sheath

These blades have a hardness of up to 55-60 HRC on the Rockwell scale, resulting in sharp edges that can withstand a lot of use. D2 steel is made with high-quality materials that give it a razor-sharp edge and cutting capacity. The blade has an HRC of 57-59 on the hardness scale. It has been hand-sharpened to a razor-sharp edge. And it keeps its cutting edge even after a lot of use.

With a gorgeous hand-stitched leather sheath, a quality finish, a perfect grip, and a well-balanced knife, this knife is 100 percent handcrafted and authentic D2 steel.

Genuine leather sheath is included with the knife. blade length = 06.50 inches handle length = 05.00 inches blade thickness = 5 mm total length = 11.50 inches blade length = 06.50 inches. blade thickness = 5 mm

1095 High Carbon Steel Tracker Knife Blank Blade Hunting Skinning Skinner 1095HC Black Powder Coated

This best tracker style knife is constructed from high-quality 1095HC (high-carbon) steel and protected with a black powder coating.

High carbon steel used in constructing this best tracker knife is extremely durable, chip-resistant, sharpenable, and retains its edge well.

Moorhaus Handmade Damascus Burnt Camel Bone Tracker Knife with Leather Case

This knife comes with a high-quality leather sheath and features a Full tang construction for a balanced overall feel.  Has a blade length of 9.75″ and a blade length of 4.75″.

This knife is created by hand from 1095 and 15N20 nickel and is tempered to 58-60HRC!

Raindrop Damascus Tracker Knife Hunting Knives Blue Wood Handle +Sheath

Knife Dimensions: Approximate Overall Length: 9.5 Inches, 4.5 Inches is the approximate blade length. 1.825 inches is the approximate length of the handle. The widest part of the blank, around 5mm thick (3/16+ inch)

It is constructed of high-quality 1095 steel. The sheath is made of high-quality black leather. When worn on the back of the belt (“scout style”), this is a right-handed draw sheath; when worn on the hip, it is a left-handed draw sheath.

Comes with a beautiful blue-dyed pakkawood and a pre sharpened razor-sharp blade.

GCS Custom Handcrafted Bushcraft Tracker Knife Blade Right Hand Cross Draw and Left Hand Scout Carry Sheath GCS 206

This must-have sheath has heavy-duty stitching and a strengthened proprietary snap for enhanced durability and integrity. Your sheath will withstand whatever you throw at it, thanks to premium leather, reinforced stitching, and a high-grade metal rivet snap.

Premium, hard cow-hide leather is used to make this top grain leather knife sheath. This tough leather knife sheath fits a tracker knife perfectly.

Who created the Original tracker knife?

David Beck

Dave Beck is the protagonist of the second half of the story. Anyone interested in knives should be familiar with this name. His company makes a knife that is identical to the Tom Brown Tracker, except it is known as the WSK (Wilderness Survival Knife). The original tracker knife, according to them, was designed and manufactured by David Beck.

What sort of knife did the hunted use?

Hallam (Benicio Del Toro) wields a Beck Wilderness Survival Knife, designed by Tom Brown, Jr. and built by David Beck, during most of the film.

What is the best tracker knife used for?


Like a tracker, it has a large curved blade followed by a separate, straight blade with a long thick handle. The knife is designed to do a variety of jobs, including chopping, fleshing, carving, peeling, and so on. However, it lacks the notching function found on the original Tracker-styled knife.