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Best Serrated Tomato Knife for Cutting Tomatoes [2022]

Are you in search of the best tomato knife? For every chef, a good tomato knife is an indispensable tool in the kitchen that will make tomato slicing tasks a breeze. Slicing your delicious heirloom tomato should be the easiest thing to do when you have the right tomato slicer knife.

Not all knives are made the same. Using the too for the right task allows you to make straight, thin cuts and reduces the chances of injuring your fingers. Serrated blades are one of the best knives engineered for cutting thin slices of tomatoes effortlessly.

When using a serrated knife, the user is able to cut in a forward and back motion horizontally, instead of downwards with ease. Serrated blades cut through tomato skin and flesh without smashing the tomato in any way. Tomatoes are delicate fruits, and they get bruised or damaged easily, so the ability of a serrated tomato knife to slice the fruit without damaging it is quite a feat.

However, other straight blades are not serrated but they are made for chopping tomatoes. When using flat blades, ensure they are razor sharp. Using a dull knife will impede the cutting, you will use a lot of pressure, and you may end up smashing the tomatoes.

Whether you are an expert chef or an amateur home cook, purchasing the best tomato slicing knife will be a great investment for your kitchen. We have reviewed some of the best tomato knives for every budget that you can buy to enhance your salad preparation experience.

10 Best Serrated Tomato Knives Comparison Guide

Product Image Product Name Price
rada tomato knife Rada Tomato  Knife Check Price
wusthof classic tomato knife Wusthof serrated

Tomato Knife

Check Price
Victorinox Tomato Knife Check Price
Global GS-9 Tomato Knife Check Price
Calphon Contemporary tomato bagel knife Check Price
Shun Classic 6” Serrated Tomato Knife Check Price
Cangshan W Series 61024 Tomato Knife Check Price
Hammer Stahl Cheese & Tomato Knife Check Price
CASE Tomato knife Check Price
Prodyne CK-300 Multi-Use Cheese Fruit and Tomato Knife Check Price

10 Best Tomato Knives Reviews

1. Rada Cutlery Tomato Slicing Knife

rada cutlery tomato knifeCheck Price on Amazon

The Rada Tomato Knife is designed to slice your tomatoes every time perfectly. It’s engineered to perfection with dual serrations for straight clean cuts whether the user is left-, or right-handed.

This is one of the best tomato slicer knife you will ever have and can effortlessly cut through other vegetables and fruits.

The blade of the Rada Tomato knife is constructed with surgical-grade T420 high carbon stainless steel, chosen for its sharpness, easy maintenance,  and resistance to rust and corrosion. The dual serrated edge are sharp enough to cut through the tomato skin with little pressure. Additionally, the thin 5-inches long blade is designed for easier maneuverability, resulting in paper-thin or perfect tomato cubes.

The sleek and ergonomic handle is hand-crafted from cast silver brushed aluminum for durability, flexibility, and comfortability. The handle features a stunning satin finish, ad handwashing is recommended to maintain the appealing aesthetic features and functionality of this knife.

Rada Cutlery knives are manufactured in the USA since 1984. The manufactures offer a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and artistry. For less than , the Rada tomato knife is a bargain and a must-have tool in any kitchen.


  • Cheap
  • Dual serrated
  • Made of top-grade high carbon stainless steel blade
  • Durable cast silver brushed aluminum handle
  • Made in USA
  • Makes paper-thin, straight slices

Check Price on Amazon

2. Wusthof Classic Tomato Knife

Wusthof classic tomato knifeCheck Price on Amazon

Professional chefs and amateur chefs alike will appreciate the stunning design and functionality of the Wusthof Classic Tomato Knife. The premium blade and handle design combined to make this knife offers impeccable balance and control whether slicing tomatoes or other vegetables.

The 5-inch blade is forged from a single part of high-grade stainless steel that is fortified with other alloys such as chromium, vanadium, and molybdenum for optimal sharpness, and rust resistance. The Blade is tempered to a Rockwell hardness of 58 degrees to boost hardness and durability.

Compared to the Rada Cultery tomato knife, the edge of the Wusthof tomato slicer knife is less exaggerated, allowing for easier handling when chopping tomatoes. The full-tang blade also features a fork tip perfect for picking up the sliced tomatoes for serving.

The handle is meticulously designed with durable polyoxymethylene material with a tighter molecular build that resists discoloration and fading. With a stunning traditional look and feel, the handle also features a sleek Wusthof logo embedded on the black handle. The full bolster feature protects the finger when chopping and also provides balance and safety. The handle is permanently fixed to the blade using durable rivets and has no joints.

For unique, high-quality tomato slicing performance, consider the Wusthof Classic Ikon Tomato knife.


  • Forged from a single piece of HC stainless steel
  • Full-tang design with triple rivets
  • Forged using Precision Edge Technology for incredible sharpness and optimal edge retention
  • Blade ice-tempered to 58 degrees Rockwell hardness
  • Features durable POM handle with a sleek tradition finish
  • Features full bolster and finger guard for hand protection and enhanced balance

Check Price on Amazon

3. Victorinox Tomato Knife

best serrated tomato knifeCheck Price on Amazon

The legendary Swiss Army knife makes has been in operation since 1884. Now known as Victorinox, the company continues to supply its esteemed clients with high-quality cutlery tools that are popular with both expert chefs and home cooks for their stunning design and incredible performance in the kitchen.

The Victorinox tomato knife is an inexpensive and lightweight tomato knife that flaunts an incredibly sharp serrated blade with a rounded tip that makes chopping tomatoes, veggies, cheese, and breads a breeze.

The 4.33-inch blade of this tomato slicer knife is made of high carbon stainless steel that is ice-tempered to ensure optimal sharpness and excellent edge retention.

The handle is ergonomically made with premium nylon material to optimize maneuverability when performing dynamic cuts. It also increases comfortability and ease of use when chopping produce for an extended period even when the handle is wet or oily.

The Victorinox tomato knife with a wavy blade edge will be an ideal addition to your cutlery collection, considering that it costs less than ten bucks without compromising quality.


  • Inexpensive
  • Features wavy edge
  • Has an ergonomic handle
  • Durable 4.33-inch stainless steel blade
  • Beautiful handle colors to choose from

Check Price on Amazon

4. Global GS-9 Tomato Knife

best serrated tomato knifeCheck Price on Amazon

From Global Inc, we have this stunning and high-quality knife that is built for unparalleled performance and durability from the GS-9 Line. Ideal for chopping delicate tomatoes and other fruits such as citrus and avocados, the Global tomato knife features a serrated blade that is perfect for making thin slices without using a lot of pressure.

The knife has a visually-stunning design and is authentically made in Japan. The blades are made of lightweight G18 cromova stainless steel that holds an edge longer that most knives in this category. This knife is forged and tempered form a single blank of steel for incredible durability and performance. The blade is precisely balanced to minimize hand fatigue and provide perfect control when slicing tomatoes.

The lustrous, ergonomic handle features Global’s signature dimple design for safe anti-slip grip, balance and comfort. Additionally, the Global Tomato Knife has a seamless design that is super hygienic and easy to maintain, and the handles are also precisely calibrated to balance the blade’s weight.

With a 3-inch blade, this tomato cutting knife has an overall length of 8-inches and comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Ideal for slicing delicate tomatoes and fruits
  • Constructed with lightweight %18 Cromova stainless steel
  • Features a sleek, ergonomic handle that’s hygienic and slip resistance
  • Made in Japan
  • Comes with a forever guaranty
  • Has 3” blade with 8” overall length

Check Price on Amazon

5. Calphon Contemporary tomato bagel knife

best tomato cutting knifeCheck Price on Amazon

We have another great tomato slicing knife from Calphon that is loved by many for its incredible sharpness and functionality when cutting tomatoes and other produce when preparing food.

The 5 1/2 inches blade is aesthetically made with top-grade stainless steel that is razor-sharp and maintains its sharpness for longer.  You can use the Calphon tomato bagel knife to slice a wide range of products including cucumbers, eggplant, bagel, bell pepper and tomatoes without damaging the skin or smashing the fruit.

The German stainless steel used to manufacture this tomato slicer is cut from a single piece of steel and is fully tempered and balanced for increased efficiency, comfort, and strength. Then blade is further ground by hand for incredible sharpness.

The handle of this kitchen knife is meticulously designed for maximum flexibility, comfort, and ease of use. It’s made of solid steel contoured to nestle nicely on the users’ hands , whether left or right-handed. The slightly textured handle provides safe, anti-slip grip even when the hands are oily or wet.

The Calphon tomato bagel knife should be hand-washed, dried and stored in a dry place. The knife comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Features a 5 ½ inches serrated blade
  • Made of high carbon rust and discoloration resistant steel
  • Has a full-tang design with bolster for added durability
  • Has a comfortable, solid steel handle
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Made in Germany

Check Price on Amazon

6. Shun Classic 6” Serrated Tomato Knife

best shun tomato knifeCheck Price on Amazon 

Made by Kai in Japan, we have this functional and exquisite serrated tomato knife that is razor-sharp right out of the box.

The knife is ideal for handling delicate produce such as tomatoes without damaging the skin or the flesh. It can also handle veggies with tough skin but soft flesh eg avocados, as well as hard foods like sausages ad hard cheeses.

The blade is made of VG-MAX steel for incredible sharpness, strength, durability and rust resistance. Additionally, the 6-inch blade is straighter and narrower than most blades in this category and has small serrations that allow it to glide through a wide variety of foods and produce with ease.

The beautiful D-shaped handle is constructed with ebony Pakkawood, a resin-impregnated hardwood for a safe comfortable grip. This handle material is not only water-resistant and durable but also it is hygienic and easy to clean.

The shun tomato knife makes an ideal gift that you can buy and give to new couples who love to cook, to friends or to aspiring chefs.


  • Functional and exquisite serrated tomato knife
  • Razor-sharp
  • Moderately priced; value for money
  • Blade made of VG-MAX stainless steel for durability, sharpness and incredible edge retention
  • D-shaped handle made of ebony Pakkawood
  • Giftable

Check Price on Amazon

7. Cangshan W Series 61024 German Steel Tomato 5”

best tomato knife slicerCheck Price on Amazon

The Cangshan W Series 61024 German Steel Tomato 5” is one of the best tomato knives available on the market that has a stunning design and is ideal for a variety of kitchen cutting tasks. It’s perfect for slicing tomato and cheese with ease.

The blade of this tomato slicer knife is forged from a single piece of high-quality German alloy X50CrMoV15 steel for durability, strength and optimum edge retention.

For added strength and durability, the knife is heat-tempered ad ice-hardened for long-lasting sharpness. The blade is hardened to a HRC of 58-60 on the Rockwell hardness scale.

The handle of the Cangshan Tomato knife is hand-crafted with rustic solid teak wood that is visually attractive and features brass rivets for added strength and durability.

With 4.75-inch handle, 5-inch blade, and a forked tip, the Cangshan W Series 61024 Tomato knife is a great tool to have in your kitchen if you want to make tomato and cheese cutting tasks easier when preparing food.


  • Features a 5” blade with a 4.75” handle
  • Forged from a German alloy X50CrMoV15 steel for durability
  • Has a hand-crafted handle made of rustic solid teak wood
  • Features a serrated edge with a forked tip

Check Price on Amazon

8. Hammer Stahl 5-Inch Cheese and Tomato Knife 

best tomato knivesCheck Price on Amazon

The Hammer Stahl 5-Inch Cheese and Tomato Knife is another great knife for cutting tomato that you should have in your kitchen cutlery collection.

The knife features a crazy-sharp blade with a serrated edge perfect for slicing through veggies, fruits, and hard and soft cheese. The forked tip allows the user to slice and pick the cut tomato for serving with ease.

With a quad tang design that provides incredible balance, durability, and comfort, the blade is hand-ground to a 20-degree angle for improved sharpness and edge retention, thanks to the High-quality X50Crmov15 stainless steel used to forged the knife blade.

The handle is of made of Pakkawood material and combines the rustic look of the wood and the durability of plastic to produce a long-lasting and slip-resistant grip.

The Hammer Stahl 5-Inch Cheese and Tomato Knife comes with a lifetime warranty against defects in material and craftsmanship.


  • Features a quad-tang design
  • Has a beautiful Pakkawood handle
  • Blade made of high-quality stainless steel material
  • Features a forked tip; edge hand-ground to a 20 degrees bevel angle
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty

Check Price on Amazon

9. CASE 5 1/2 Inch Best Tomato knife

best tomato knife everCheck Price on Amazon

The Case Tomato knife is an indispensable tool for every kitchen.  This slicer knife is perfect for cutting tomatoes and other produce when preparing food.

The 5.5-inch blade is designed with Case Trusharp stainless steel, chosen for its incredible ability to remain sharp for longer and its durability. This type of high carbon stainless steel produces strong and corrosion-free blades.

The handle is constructed with solid walnut and is firmly fixed to the full-tang blade with three rivets for added balance, control and flexibility.

Made in the USA using imported and locally available material, CASE Tomato Knife comes well packed in a knife case and is backed by a forever guaranty.


  • Has 5 1/2 –inches of high-quality stainless steel blade
  • Has a full-tang design
  • Ideal for cutting tomato, cheese, fruits, and vegetables
  • Made in the USA using local and imported materials
  • Lifetime warranty

10. Prodyne CK-300 Multi-Use Cheese Fruit and Veggie Knife

tomato slicer knifeCheck Price on Amazon

The Prodyne CK-300 Multi-Use Cheese Fruit and Veggie Knife is a perfect choice if you are looking for a multi-purpose utility knife that will make slicing cheese, tomatoes and other fruits easier.

The open surface blade with a serrated edge minimizes the friction that prevents food from clinging to the knife when slicing tomatoes. The high-quality stainless steel used to make the 5.5-inch blade is durable, and corrosion-resistant, and maintains an edge for longer.

The durable Bakelite handle is carefully constructed for comfort, safe non-slip grip even when the user hands are wet. The ergonomic handle design also allows both left-, and right-handed users to perform cutting tasks with ease.


  • Has a forked tip with an open surface blade
  • Razor-sharp serrated edge
  • Crafted with high-quality stainless steel and bakelite handle material
  • Ideal for slicing cheese, tomato, fruits, and vegetables
  • Triple-riveted handle

Check Price on Amazon

What is a tomato knife?

Tomato knives are small utility knives that are specifically designed for slicing and cutting tomatoes. They are sometimes called bagel knives. Most knives for cutting tomatoes have a long serrated blade with a fork tip.

The forked tip on most tomato knives is used to pick and arrange the sliced pieces for serving. Unlike the regular fork, the twin tip on a tomato knife is used to pierce and position the slices without leaving punctures on the slices’ surface for effective presentation.

Buying the best tomato knife for slicing tomatoes in your kitchen doesn’t have to be difficult. We hope that our review and guide will help you buy the best tomato slicer knife to make your food preparation work easier.