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10 Best Sushi Sashimi Knife [Yanagibas Under $50, $100 for Beginners]

If you love sushi and want to make your them at home, you probably know that using just any old knife will cut it—literally. Sushi knives are made specifically for the job. They are great investments for any Japanese cuisine lover. In this article,  we’ll show you the best sushi knives. Also, we’ll provide you with a guide to finding the best sushi  knife. So, here is the best sushi sashimi knife review…

What You Want in a Best Sushi Sashimi Knife

High-quality composition

This means you shouldn’t be looking at stainless steel knives at all. There is a reason the Japanese do not use stainless steel for sushi knives. Get something made of high-quality steel, since that will last longer and take better to sharpening once the time comes to hone it.

A Yanagiba-style product

There are several types of knives used by sushi chefs, but the essential one is the Yanagiba, a long and thin blade with a wicked edge.

Length of the blade

You want something at least 8 inches long in the blade alone. Sushi is sliced by dragging the knife from front to back, and you will need a lengthy blade to do that right.

A very fine edge

A traditional sushi knife has a very fine edge that aids the chef in his work. This means that the edge should really be on only one side, with the other being flat.

Take note, though, that your dominant (knife) hand should determine your choice of knife. Most Yanagiba are beveled for right-handed users, so you need to seek out the left-handed ones if your dominant hand is the left. However, left-handed Yanagiba also typically cost more.

7 Best Sushi knives Comparison Table

Image Name price
best sushi knife YOSHIHIRO Shiroko Kasumi Yanagi Sashimi Chef Knife Amazon Price
G-15 Kitchen 12″ Tako Sashimi/Sushi Knife Amazon Price
Seki Magoroku Series 8-Inch Yanagiba Slicer Amazon Price

KYOKU Samurai Series – 10.5″

Amazon Price
  Shun Classic 6-Piece Knife Set with Bamboo Block Amazon Price
  Mercer Japanese-style Pointed Sashimi Knife Amazon Price
  Kyocera KT-200-HIP-D Kyotop Damascus Amazon Price

10 Best knives for Cutting Sushi Rolls

YOSHIHIRO Shiroko Kasumi Yanagi Sashimi Chef Knife 9.5″ (240mm): The best sushi knife for beginners

best sushi sashimi knife Check Price on Amazon

A yanagi knife is a knife used for slicing raw fish or Sashimi. It’s often differentiated from other Japanese style knives by its distinct pointed willow leaf shape.

The culinary world is more cutthroat than some people would think.  In a competitive environment, serious chefs always want an upperhand to get ahead or stay ahead.  The YOSHIHIRO- Shiroko-Kasumi Yanagi Sashimi Chef Knife 9.5″ (240mm) will give anyone the desired advantage.

Here are the reasons why:

  • It is Kasumi grade.

Japanese knives fall under two types of forging methods: Honyaki and Kasumi.  These classes are based on the material and method used in the forging process.

Honyaki are true-forged knives which are made from only one material, namely high carbon steel.

On the other hand, Kasumi are produced from two materials, such as high carbon steel and soft iron.  This Yanagi knife falls in this category.

  • It is made from Shiroko (White Steel) High-Carbon Steel.

White steel happens to be the purest form of carbon steel.  This is composed of iron and carbon.  Not only is it the easiest steel to sharpen, it can also attain the ideal mirror finished edge.

However, its most desirable quality is its capacity of being forged to extraordinary hardness which results in unbelievable edge retention.  Such characteristics are possessed by YOSHIHIRO- Shiroko-Kasumi Yanagi Sashimi Chef Knife 9.5″ (240mm).

  • It is a single-edged blade.
  • Its bolster is made of Water Buffalo Horn.
  • Its handle is crafted from Magnolia.
  • Its Hardness Rockwell C scale rating is 62-63.

But the good things about this Yanagiba don’t end here.  If you act now, you can get the YOSHIHIRO Shiroko Kasumi Yanagi Sashimi Chef Knife 9.5″ with FREE SHIPPING!  Go ahead and try!

Check Price on Amazon

G-15 Kitchen 12″ Tako Sashimi/Sushi Knife

 Check Price on Amazon

As it is, making sushi is a difficult enough challenge.  Therefore, getting the right tools and sushi knives is an important task to increase your chance of success.  If you’re at the early stages of exploring your culinary interests, there definitely is much to learn.  But don’t fret, help is right here!

To give the best, you must only use the best.

Start on the right foot with Global G Series G-15 Kitchen 12″ Tako Sashimi/Sushi Knife.  Global is known for crafting excellent knives from the finest stainless steel material.  Their goods boast of razor-sharp edges outlasting other competitors and resist rust, corrosion and stains.

What Do You Get?

This product is a sashimi knife with a square-shaped tip.  It actually resembles a samurai sword, only much smaller. “Octopus cutting” or Takohiki is a kind of knife which came from the eastern section of Japan.  Sushi knives, such as these, are ideal for hiki riki (to cut by pulling).

Product Features:

  • Length: 43.5 cm
  • Blade length: 30.0 cm
  • Weight: 240 g
  • Blading: Single bevel (right-handed use)
  • Purpose: Sashimi/Sushi
  • The Global brand promise
  • Made In Japan

You couldn’t go wrong with the Global G Series G-15 Kitchen 12″ Tako Sashimi/Sushi Knife.  Why?


  • Much like its predecessor, the samurai sword, each knife from Global has been meticulously weighed to assure perfect balance in hand.
  • The smooth design and flawless construction prevents food and dirt from being trapped on the knife. Therefore, you are guaranteed that the product you use is safe and hygienic.

Whether you’re a “seasoned” chef or a starting amateur, it’s never too late or too early to use the best sushi knives.  It doesn’t have to be a confusing and frustrating experience.  The answer is here.

Enjoy the G-15 Kitchen 12″ Tako Sashimi benefits today!

Check Price on Amazon

Seki Magoroku Series 8-Inch Yanagiba Slicer: The Best Sushi knife for Beginners

best sushi sashimi knife

Check Price on Amazon

Did you know that a yanagiba slicer is a type of sashimi knife?

Actually, it’s one of two kinds.

First, there’s the yanagi or yanagiba and second, there’s the takobiki.

YANAGIBA is commonly used for filleting fish and slicing long pieces of raw fish. It’s typically employed to cut sashimi and sushi rolls using a biased or straight cut.

In using another of the great budget sushi knives, like the Seki Magoroku Series 8-Inch Yanagiba Slicer, you need to put the heel end on the fish while allowing the weight of the knife to complete the cut.

In doing so, the blade direction will be towards you.  Although this type came from the Kansai district (Osaka and surrounding areas), it’s a widely popular knife for sashimi.

TAKOBIKI is the Japanese knife used for octopus, carving meat with skin and of course, sashimi.

Unlike the yanagiba slicer, this originated from the Tokyo/Edo area of the Kansai region.

If you’re on the lookout for the best yanagiba sushi knife for , look no further because the above-mentioned Seki Magoroku Series product is the answer!

Product Features

  • Seki Magoroku Yanagiba is a conventional Japanese slicing knife. The single-sided cutting edge blade provides a very sharp and precise cutting performance.
  • High carbon stainless steel
  • Rich Bubinga wood handle. This hardwood is from Africa and is regarded as one of the Rosewoods and takes on a high glossy finish.
  • The polished polypropylene collar harmonically complements the modern color of the wood.
  • Hand wash and dry

A yanagiba slicer is an important tool made for slicing sashimi.  As this is a primary component of sushi, to have a Seki Magoroku Series 8-Inch Yanagiba Slicer is essential for serious sushi chefs.


Check Price on Amazon

KYOKU Samurai Series – 10.5″: Best sushi knife under $100

Best sushi knife under $100 Check Price on Amazon

A yanagi-ba-bocho or yanagiba knife for short is a long and very thin knife used mainly to prepare sushi, sliced raw fish, sashimi and seafood.

Making such dishes require that the resulting slices be precise and smooth.  That type of end product necessitates a particular kind of knife and that is yanagi-ba-bocho knife.

An excellent example of such cutlery is the KYOKU Samurai Series – 10.5″ Yanagiba Knife.

The Blade

This product features an asymmetric blade that fuses aesthetic beauty with superior craftsmanship and performance.  The blade is a bit heavier than its symkmetrical counterpart to meet the tougher requirements of more difficult kitchen tasks.

What Makes it Strong?

Each item is made from Superior Japanese Steel, a material known for its durability.  This best yanagiba knife with is a 58 Rockwell hardness rating.

What Makes it Non-stick?

This knife has a hollow ground on the blade’s flat face, creating an ideal non-stick effect and a cutting edge with a very acute angle.

The Handle

KYOKU Samurai Series – 10.5″ Yanagiba Knife has the usual D-shaped handle which provides outstanding finger-tip control. It’s made from traditional Wenge wood that is duruble.

It takes a reputable knife maker to understand the importance maintaining the flavour and texture of delicate food.  That knowledge and appreciation is manifested in this yanagiba sushi knife.

If you’re interested in a willow leaf single bevel blade knife used for filleting and cutting wafer-like slices, this is the product for you!

Go ahead, enjoy your favourite sushi, sashimi and other seafood dishes!

Check Price on Amazon

Shun Classic 6-Piece Knife Set with Bamboo Block: The best shun sushi Knife Set

shun sushi knife Check Price on Amazon

This versatile, economic and organized set includes three knives typically used by a home cook:

  • 8-inch chef knife – a multi-purpose tool for diverse tasks like mincing and chopping
  • Paring knife – for small and intricate slicing tasks like peeling and trimming
  • Utility knife – for slicing purposes

But this set is more than just about the knives.  It provides consumers with supplementary products to make working in the kitchen faster and easier.  Also included are:

  1. Shears – for cutting vegetables, meat and the like and for opening packages as well
  2. Bamboo block – for storing and protecting the knives
  3. Sharpening steel – for honing the blades

This best sushi knife for beginners knife set would be an excellent gift idea too!  Just imagine the smile on a chef wannabe or your newlywed friends when you give this to them!

The Shun Classic 6-Piece Knife Set with Bamboo Block is not only functional, it’s classy and elegant as well.

Check Price on Amazon

Mercer Japanese-style Pointed Sashimi Knife: Best Japanese Sushi Knife For Quick, Precise Cuts

 Check Price on Amazon

A sashimi knife is a traditional Japanese-style knife used to make smooth precise cuts.  Typically, it’s crafted from lightweight, superior quality steel, with a round wooden handle and a blade sharpened mostly on only one side.

This type comes in different varieties, namely:

  1. Yanagi – for slicing long pieces of fish and is most akin to a western-style utility knife; blade length is generally between 10-12 inches
  2. Tako – for making thicker fish cuts as well as to cut through skin and small bones; similar to a western carving knife; may have a metal handle containing sand in it for better balance
  3. Fugu – for slicing blowfish or puffer fish; possesses a broad, thin and flexible blade
  4. Deba – for cutting through fish skins and bones; a heftier and thicker kind of knife; blade length ranges between 4-10 inches

The Mercer Japanese-style Pointed Sashimi Knife is of the yanagi kind.  This best sushi knife under 100 is a wonderful and inexpensive knife to have around in any household. It’s a functional sashimi knife to meet your daily needs in the kitchen!

This Mercer knife Features

  • Made from high carbon, stain-free, German steel
  • Single-edge blade is taper ground with a fine stone finish
  • Comfortable handle is of traditional balsam wood

It also makes for a fantastic gift to any culinary enthusiast as well!  Each knife comes encased in a beautiful wooden box, a great add on to this sushi knife.

A knife of this kind is primarily used to cut fish.  However, it has become increasingly popular with western chefs for a whole lot of other kitchen tasks.

As such, having a Mercer Japanese-style Sashimi Knife to meet these demanding chores is the good answer to your needs.

Enjoy making magic in the kitchen with your dependable sashimi knife. Cook up a storm by whipping up traditional sashimi dishes as well as your personal homemade recipes!  GET ONE TODAY!

Check Price on Amazon

Kyocera KT-200-HIP-D Kyotop Damascus 8.25 Inch Sashimi Knife: Best Sushifor cutting sushi rolls

best knife to cut sushi rolls Check Price on Amazon

A sashimi knife is an excellent tool to have in the kitchen if you’re a big fan of cuisine from the Land of the Rising Sun.  This knife is the Japanese version of the Western-style slicing knife or carving knife.

Its long and narrow blade is ideal for filleting fish, slicing sashimi and other soft ingredients.  Moreover, it can be used to cut different food items – such as meat, poultry and fish (of course!) – in varying degrees of thickness.

Explore the wonderful and delectable world of sashimi and sushi with the right knife! Kyocera KT-200-HIP-D Kyotop Damascus 8.25 Inch Sashimi Knife is an excellent way to start your journey.

What is HIP?

Kyocera’s finest cutlery line boasts of striking and durable Damascus-look blades.  Almost mimicking the hardness of a real diamond, this advanced ceramic sashimi knife possesses Kyotop Hot Isostatic Pressed (HIP) blades.

The process involves putting the blade in an extreme temperature and extreme pressure sealed environment.  Doing so will increase the density of the advanced ceramic material, resulting in a product with heightened wear and tear resistance.

What About the Handle?

The Pakka wood 3-riveted handle is moisture-resistant, an important attribute in lessening the proliferation of unwanted microorganisms.

Product Features

  1. Ultra-sharp long life blade – holds its edge much longer than steel
  2. Easy to clean and use
  3. No metallic taste or smell; stain and rust proof
  4. Use on a wood or plastic cutting board41 Kyocera KT 200 HIP D Kyotop Damascus Pakka Handle 8.25 Inch
  5. Hand-wash and dry with kitchen towel

Making sashimi and sushi is a fun learning experience.  With enough practice and the right sashimi knife, you’ll be a pro in no time!  Get a Kyocera KT-200-HIP-D Kyotop Damascus 8.25 Inch Sashimi Knife and you’re guaranteed of nothing but the best.

Check Price on Amazon

Kyocera 7-Inch Revolution Sushi Knife: A Wonderful Ceramic Sushi Knife

Check Price on Amazon

The search for the perfect sushi knife may be a bit of a challenge.  For amateurs, the experience can be quite confusing.  With all the information that’s out there, it’s difficult to sift through what’s real and what’s not.  Get rid of the smoke and mirrors and see the products for what they are.

A Closer Look

Let us introduce you to Kyocera 7-Inch Revolution Sushi Knife.  This item is a wonderful instrument for slicing long pieces of vegetables and fish.  Now, let’s scrutinize what this product can really offer:

  • Ultra-sharp long life blade
  • With its 7-inch advanced ceramic blade, you are guaranteed of precise strokes with each cut!
  • The blade maintains its razor-sharp edge 10 times longer than ordinary steel blades.
  • Chemically-inert blade- Simply put, this sushi knife will not absorb any smell or taste and it will never rust!
  • No home maintenance required

You don’t need to do the sharpening yourself.  Simply pay for the customer shipping and handling and it will be done for you!

Very much like the knives used by expert sushi chefs, the blade is sharpened only on one side.  The knives will be professionally honed using a diamond wheel and will be returned to you as good as new.

  • Easy to use
  • No complicated care instructions needed here. After use, just hand-wash and let dry!

Try Kyocera 7-Inch Revolution Sushi Knife and find out how much better you could be in the kitchen!  This is a no-frills product. No hype, no gimmicks, no tricks.  Get one today and see for yourself.

Check Price on Amazon

JapanBargain 1551, Non-Stick Yanagiba Sashimi Knife:Best Yanagiba Sushi Knife

Best Yanagiba Sushi Knife Check Price on Amazon

Is there a sushi knife that will ever truly satisfy you?  Many have made claims of this and that but have totally missed the mark on their promises.

If you’re at your wits end, the

JapanBargain 1551, Non-Stick Yanagiba Sashimi Knife Personal Sushi Knife might be your last ray of hope.

What is it For?

The JapanBargain is a line intended for slicing fruits, vegetables and boneless meat products.

If you’re an avid lover of sushi, it’s a wonderful tool to have in making your own rolls!

If you’re one who enjoys eating sushi but loves making them, this is the sushi knife for you!  Now, there’s a knife that can keep up with your passion in the kitchen.  Start experimenting with your own recipes!  Get family and friends together and whip up new “secret formulas” to age-old favorites.

Get your JapanBargain 1551, Non-Stick Yanagiba Sashimi Knife today!  With is sharpness, beauty and durability, this best sushi knife for beginners will certainly put a smile on your face.

Check Price on Amazon

Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Cermax M66 8-Inch Chef’s Knife: Backed by the Best

best sushi knife for cutting rolls

Check Price on Amazon

For a chef’s knife that’s like no other, there can only be Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Cermax M66 8-Inch Chef’s Knife. In fact, there’s a long list of things to love about it!

First, it’s designed using the TWIN Cermax M66 technology.

Crafted by hand, the TWIN Cermax M66 blades are made from micro carbide steel (a molten substance transformed into powder and then compacted under extreme pressure). This process creates a hardness rating of 66 Rockwell. This permits the blade to be sharpened to unbelievable sharpness while ensuring long edge retention.

Second, the handle has a full tang, 3-rivets construction and rounded ergonomic grip.

To enhance the balance and ease of use, knives should have a full tang, enough rivets and an ergonomic design. All of which are featured in this chef’s knife. In addition, the handle is made from Micarta (a mix of linen and resin) which improves the handling and provides a satisfactory weight.

Third, it will make your life easier!

Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Cermax M66 8-Inch Chef’s Knife is made for cooks with big, strong hands. As such, it has a protecting bolster, a rocking edge and a broad corrosion-resistant blade.

Check Price on Amazon

Best Knife for Cutting Sushi Rolls: Why bother with a sushi knife?

It probably needs to be said first: most other knives—even the sharpest knife in your kitchen, most likely—won’t be nearly as good at cutting sushi as an actual sushi knife. This is due to the multi-layered nature of sushi.

When you cut through it, you cut through different ingredients with different densities, textures, and compositions.

While you could use either brute force with a big knife or mechanical application through a serrated one, neither will deliver the right look to the finished cut.

Sushi knives are made to slice through rolls of raw fish, vegetables, seaweed, and other ingredients without resistance.

They can do the job in a single cut, which is always the goal when preparing sushi: making more than one leaves ragged edges and tends to displace roll layers too. It’s essential to find the best sushi knife for cutting rolls

Basics of Selecting a Best Sushi Knife Set

Many chefs and Japanese food experts agree that when it comes to making the best sushi, the hardest part often involves picking the best set of knives – if you haven’t yet gotten one for yourself.

According to the kitchen veterans, selecting a sushi knife set is something that requires thorough research as there are certain things you need to know to help you distinguish what seems to look good, from what actually is the best and right for you.

If you have a sushi knife set, and have already found out that it doesn’t meet your standards as evidenced by the outcome of your puffer fish or tuna, then you’re about to see why.

High carbon steel – this is what composes a high-quality sushi knife. Dating back in the 16th century, this kind of steel was used in making military and samurai swords. After the wars ended, sword smiths concentrated instead on cutlery production so as not to waste their skill.

Knives made from high carbon steel are held in high esteem, the traditional handle usually being round wood and tapered towards the blade. They are also mostly sharpened on one side so as to provide a cleaner cut.

Specific knife for a specific job – are you sure that knife you got for the puffer fish or tuna is the one designed to handle such? There are different kinds of sushi knives and each has its own specialty.

For example, the “fugu hiki” is exactly designed for the puffer fish and for bigger fish such as tuna, it is best to use knives with large blades. The sashimi knife on the other hand, is the most often used all-purpose knife. Being aware of the differences will help give you a better “cutting experience”

Price range selection – then again, it may be that you don’t have a quality sushi knife set because you settled for low-end bargains. The cheapest come at around $25 and go all the way up to over $1,000.

Obviously, the cheap ones have a tendency not to hold their edge and are not as sharp as expected. To avoid confusing your brain on the price issue, choose a price point where you are most comfortable and buy the best within that range.

Sharpening stone. – never use a mechanical sharpener as you risk ruining the blade. That type is only good for knives with both edges sharpened. For maintenance purposes and to ensure that your sushi knife set stays as sharp, accurate, and clean as it should be, always make a purchase with a sharpening stone.

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