Best Electric Fillet Knife For Crappie 2022

Traditional fillet knives are great for crappie, panfish, pike, walleyes, and trout because they allow for precise cuts. Even so, there’s no denying that in the right hands, electric fillet knives allow fishermen to clean and fillet their catches quickly and with less grind than traditional fillet knives.  This guide will discuss the different types of electric fillet knives available, as well as the factors to consider when selecting the best electric fillet knife for crappie and other fish.

Whether you’re preparing your freshly caught crappie on the beach or preparing store-bought panfish, one thing is certain: you’ll need the right knife for the job to turn your fish into a boneless delicacy. While you can use any sharp knife to debone a fish, an electric fillet knife is the only way to get those perfect slices. So, how about we find the ideal one for you?


American Angler PRO

If you’re looking for a knife that will consistently fillet your fish, you’ve just found it. Engineered to last longer, perform better, and run longer than most other electric fillet knives. The motor, which runs on 110 volts, produces twice the torque of other knives in its class.

The blade is the most well-known feature of this knife. It’s strong enough to clean even the toughest of fish. It can cut through anything. The blade is constructed of stainless steel and is both tough and flexible. It’s universally compatible, which means it’ll work with any American Angler electric fillet knife.

You won’t get tired because of the ergonomic handle design, which ensures excellent balance. A handy carry bag is included in the knife package. The carry bag provides excellent aeration, which helps to prevent odor. Aeration also allows moisture to escape, which helps to prevent corrosion.

The power cord is long enough at 8 feet. Thanks to the venting and fan cooling design, this electric fillet knife runs for longer. It also comes with a two-year warranty.


  • 110V electric fillet knife with a lot of torque and power
  • Shielded 40mm Professional Series motor
  • 8-inch titanium-coated 420 stainless steel blade designed for use in freshwater
  • This knife is truly all-species because of the wide range of alternative blades available for purchase, ranging in length from 5.5 to 10 inches.
  • Larger, more robust fish, such as striped bass and grouper, can easily cut through their bones.
  • The motor, blades, and housing are all designed to last a long time.
  • Santorini grip pad is cool to the touch and provides a comfortable ergonomic grip.
  • A ventilated nylon mesh storage case is included.
  • A two-year warranty


  • Expensive
  • Only one 8-inch blade is included.

Rapala Electric Fillet Knife

The Rapala Electric Fillet Knife, one of the most popular electric knives, has the biggest advantage of having twice the speed and three times the power of standard electric knives. It ensures that you can move around freely without feeling restricted. If you fillet a lot of fish regularly, this product is well worth the money.

You can cut through rib bones and backbones with ease. This makes it simple for salmon, trout, walleye, and other large fish to catch. You can use it regularly without fear of it causing you stress during the filleting process.

Because it is powered by 110V, the fillet knife can operate without interruption. It’s easy to use, and the electronic blades make cutting, skinning, and filleting fish a breeze.

Vibration is reduced thanks to the custom advanced air flow body design. Throughout, the motor runs smoothly.



A lithium-ion battery powers the device.

Ergonomic grip

It is beneficial to both novice and experienced cooks.

Suitable for all filleting needs


Weight-balance improvements are required.

Inconveniently located safety switch

KastKing Fillet Knife

This best electric fish filet knife for crappie and panfish comes in a variety of sizes. You can select from a 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9-inch blade to find the one that best suits your needs.

The fact that this knife is made of high-quality German stainless steel, specifically G4116 stainless steel, is what really sets it apart.

This particular metal has the advantage of being able to withstand both freshwater and saltwater applications. To put it another way, this knife is extremely corrosion and rust-resistant.

This fish filet knife also has a razor-sharp edge combined with a very thin and flexible blade, making it ideal for deboning and filleting fish.

The knife also features a non-slip super polymer grip that is ergonomically designed to fit your hand and prevent slipping.  It also includes a protective sheath that locks into the handle for added security when not in use.



  • Different sizes are available.
  • Resistant to rust and corrosion
  • The blade is thin and flexible.
  • Design of exceptional quality
  • Ergonomic non-slip handle
  • Includes a locking sheath


  • The edge retention could be improved.

BUBBA 110V Electric Fillet Knife

Some people may find this option too large and cumbersome – it’s really a matter of taste.

This best corded Electric Fillet Knife is a real workhorse that can fillet and clean almost any size or species of fish, making it one of the most versatile options available.

You’ll be hard-pressed to get a more competent electric knife than this, which offers exceptional torque and cutting strength and is compatible with a wide range of replaceable blades.

BUBBA includes a blade set for almost every species and scenario, including a 12-inch E STIFF blade, 9-inch E STIFF, 9-inch E FLEX, and 7-inch E FLEX. With this super-inclusive, high-quality knife and blade set, the brand truly sets you up for effectively cleaning anything and everything with fins.

The longer blades (9+ inches) are ideal for saltwater use, while the shorter 7-inch blade is perfect for freshwater use. BUBBA has designed this entire set to withstand abuse and corrosive environments, so the blades are Titanium Nitride coated for enhanced lifespan and easier cleaning.

If you’re a big-game offshore angler looking for the electric fillet knife for big fish, this is it. The 12-inch stiff blade coupled with this powerhouse motor is conceivably the best choice for effortlessly cleaning the largest planktonic species of fish like tuna, sharks, and billfish, so if you’re a big-game offshore angler looking for an awesome electric fillet knife, this is it.

The 8.5-inch handle length has a non-slip grip and a trigger guard for a comfortable and safe grip. With this one, you won’t be tethered to the kitchen counter because of the 8-foot cord length, which allows you to use it away from outlets.

The knife and blades are beautifully housed in the premium EVA case included with this purchase for easy transport and storage , making this an impressively compact, go-anywhere option despite its remarkable power and capabilities.

You can’t go wrong with the BUBBA 110V Electric Fillet Knife, which comes with some of the best blades and is backed by a one-year warranty.


Knife with 110V provides excellent torque and cutting strength.


All species and scenarios include 7-inch E FLEX, 9-inch E FLEX, 9-inch E STIFF, and 12-inch E STIFF blades!

Blades are coated with Titanium Nitride for longer life and easier cleaning.

With an 8.5-inch handle length, a non-slip grip, and a trigger guard, you’ll have a great ergonomic and safe grip on the knife.

The 8-foot cord length gives you plenty of range when you’re not near an outlet.

The knife and blades are beautifully housed in a premium EVA case for easy storage and transport.

The warranty is for one year.



A little pricey

Mister Twister Electric Fisherman Knife

The Mister Twister electric knife, which has a 120v motor, is big power on a small budget. The green and yellow color scheme ensure that you won’t misplace it. The body is made of lightweight materials to reduce strain while in use.

The blades are easy to remove and have a safety lock. They’re long enough to cut through most fish at 7.5 inches. They’re also straight rather than curved, which some anglers prefer. They’re sturdy enough to make clean, straight cuts. This is one of the best electric fillet knives for big fish you’ll find for the money.



Features a strong motor

Perfectly straight blades.

Safety switch included


Sharpening blades is not possible.

This knife may dull faster than others.


Black & Decker EK700 Electric Carving Knife, 9-Inch

From Black & Decker, we found a fantastic electric fillet knife. The knife has been designed to effortlessly carve thick and/or thin slices with pinpoint accuracy. The handle is ergonomically designed, with a non-slip grip and a safety lock to prevent accidental starts. The stainless steel blade, which is seven inches long, can be easily removed. Furthermore, as previously stated, the blade is flush cut, resulting in clean and safe cuts. The knife was made per North American Electrical Standards and is available in a classy white color for less than twenty dollars. The Black & Decker EK700’s quality expectations and efficiency scores would suffice for any angler’s fillet knife needs, and the price is appropriately determined based on features and performance.

Hamilton Beach Serrated Fillet Knife

Hamilton Beach’s Serrated Electric Knife is great for filleting fish and meat and breads, poultry, and foam crafting. It can easily cut and carve through any material. There is a fork included in the package. This makes it even easier for you to cut and serve your food without wasting time.

You can benefit from a convenient compact case that allows you to store the knife and fork when not in use. While the design’s compactness makes it easy to use, don’t be fooled: quality and versatility are never compromised.

A non-slip grip is included with the knife. This ensures that you can cut precisely and evenly with ease, allowing you to achieve the desired results you’ve always desired. While the blades are simple to clean, they do not stain as easily or as frequently as other blades.



Its serrated blades make cutting, filleting, and slicing a breeze.

The handle is pleasant to hold.

Cutting with sharp blades is easier.

You will receive a small case.


The cutting button is located on the opposite side of the handle.


Huntsman Outdoors Fillet Knife

This fish knife has a 6.25-inch blade, which is a good size for most applications.

This blade is constructed of 3CR13 stainless steel, which is rust and corrosion resistant, as well as durable and flexible.

This knife’s flexibility makes it ideal for working with fish. Not to mention that it can also be used for saltwater fish because of its corrosion resistance.

As is the case with stainless steel, of course, it could use a little more edge attention, but if you sharpen it regularly, it should be fine.

This knife does come with a non-slip rubber grip with plenty of texture, which is designed to allow you to hold onto it even when wet, not to mention a very ergonomically friendly design that is already very comfortable.

The lockable sheath that comes with this knife is just an added bonus.



Quite long-lasting

Quite adaptable

Suitable for a wide range of applications.

Stainless steel of superior quality

Rust and  corrosion-resistant blades

The handle is non-slip and comfortable.


The sheath isn’t the best sheath on the planet.

The edge retention isn’t the best it could be.


Berkley Electric Fillet Knife

The Berkley Electric Fillet Knife is a cost-effective and dependable option for less hardy fish species. It comes in a 12V or 110V model that can be plugged into your vehicle’s power source or standard outlets.

When it comes to cutting strength and torque, this is a well-reviewed knife, but it’s not the knife you’re looking for if you’re cleaning larger saltwater species. If you’re looking for an electric knife for tough scaled, thick-boned species, go with one of the BUBBA or American Angler options.


On the other hand, this Berkley Electric fillet knife is an excellent choice for most freshwater and saltwater fish. The standard 8-inch blade length is versatile in its applications, so you can use it to clean everything from panfish to large cats!


The brand also offers straight and curved replacement blades to match your precise species needs and cutting preferences.


The ergonomics and overall size of the handle on this knife have been well-reviewed – it’s not a monstrous electronic that feels unwieldy in your hand.

If you like the price and versatility of this option but can’t decide between the 110V and 12V versions, consider upgrading to the Deluxe Model, which includes both power adapters for vehicle and home use and battery clips for compatibility with your boat battery! The Deluxe model also comes with a 6.5-inch and an 8-inch blade, allowing you to use a shorter blade for smaller fish.

Whatever model you choose, this is a simple and dependable electric fillet knife from a reputable brand that will serve recreational anglers well.



An 8-inch stainless steel blade is included as standard.

There is a 12V option for plugging into your vehicle’s power source.

8-inch replacement blades are available in both curved and straight styles.

The ergonomic grip is not overly heavy and feels great in your hand.

During operation, side-release buttons prevent blade release by accident.

Included is a carrying case.





Only one blade is included.

There have been complaints about the cord length being too short.

Not suitable for hardy species with thick bones and tough scales.

What to Look for When Buying an Electric Fillet Knife for Crappie

When choosing an electric knife for filleting, the power source, blade size, and speed are important factors. Read on to learn more about these and other considerations when shopping for electric cutlery.


Because corded electric fillet knives use 120-volt power, there will never be a drop in blade speed due to a dead battery. They can also run for an unlimited amount of time. Electric fillet knives that are corded have a standard cord that plugs into an outlet. Some have clamps that allow them to connect to standard 12-volt car batteries for power, while others plug into vehicle cigarette lighters.

A lithium battery powers electric cordless fillet knives. They are slightly less powerful than corded models, even when fully charged, producing less torque and speed. A cordless knife usually lasts one to two hours before needing to be recharged.


Safety and Durability

Electric fillet knives are generally long-lasting, but the material quality is important. Models made of flimsy plastics and inferior blades are less expensive, but they don’t last as long and perform poorly after a few uses.

Strong, impact-resistant materials are recommended. Well-ventilated handles, also known as airflow designs, aid in keeping the motor cool and extend its life.

A trigger lock prevents the knife from being turned on, which is useful if you have children in the house, and a blade guard at the end of the handle safeguards your fingers from the knife if you lose your grip.

Carry Bag

While not absolutely necessary, it is nice to have a fish fillet knife that comes with a carry bag so you can carry it with ease during your fishing trip.

Quality of a blades

While blade quality is related to our quality point, there are a few things to look for in a blade. You typically want the thinnest blade possible to give you the most control and touch, but you also want the blade to be strong and flexible. Does it seem like a tall order? Good fillet knives aren’t cheap — achieving the right balance of strength, flexibility, and thinness is difficult and necessitates high-quality materials!

Most good fillet knives are made of polished stainless steel or teflon-coated stainless steel. Any knife that tries to save money by lowering the blade quality should be avoided.


Corded or Cordless?

Fillet knives with cords are lighter and more powerful than those with batteries, but they can be cumbersome and restricting. The cord should be light and long enough to reach from the outlet to the table or counter where it will be used most frequently. Models that can be charged from multiple sources are a bonus for travel.

Because of the battery pack, cordless fillet knives are convenient and portable, but they are also heavier. Because power tends to wane as the battery gets low, having a fully charged backup on hand is a good idea. Choose batteries with a proven track record of long-term performance.

How to Fillet Crappie with the Best Electric Knife for Crappie

1st Step

Before cutting, remember to wash the outside of all your crappie!

Place the crappie on a chopping board and lay it flat. It’s a good idea to set the board on the edge of a counter so that the knife handle has room to move and doesn’t hit the board’s top – this is especially essential when cutting downwards into the fish!

2nd Step

Start by placing the knife just behind the head; from here, you’ll be cutting downwards into the spine. Before you begin cutting, gently angle the knife towards the base of the head rather than straight down, as this will help you avoid wasting as much meat as possible.

Once in position, drive the knife down towards the spine, stopping just after passing the pelvic fin and making contact with the spine.

3rd Step

Adjust the angle of the blade by 90 degrees to face the tail once you’ve reached the spin. Keep the power on while making this movement; you want to cut from the top to the bottom and adjust the angle all in one motion.

4th Step

Continue cutting towards the tail with the blade at a slight downward angle, skimming the top of the crappie’s spine. To get to the end of the tail, cut all the way through.

Cutting with the knife handle above or below the board may result in lost meat, so try to keep it parallel with the cutting board. This is why the chopping board should be placed at the counter’s edge to aid in knife maneuvering.


5th Step

Flip the crappie over and repeat the process on the other side, following the same steps!

6th Step

Hold the fillet with the skin side down at the very end. To remove the skin, carefully cut it away with the knife, working from one side to the other. To remove the skin and remove each fillet, follow the natural curve of the ribs.

You may prefer to do this Step with a regular knife rather than an electric knife because the speed and power of an electric knife may be too much and cut right through the filet.

7th Step

Feel for any remaining bones; they can be found near the top or bottom of the fillet, and there may be a few spine bones in the center. They are simple to remove with a regular knife with a sharp blade.

Rinse and dry the fillets before storing them as desired.

How do you defrost a frozen crappie?

The process of thawing frozen crappie is similar to that of thawing regular fish. It should take 5 to 15 minutes, depending on the size of the fillets. Fill the bag of fillets halfway with cold water (never hot) and set it in the sink.

Can you keep crappie in the freezer for a long time?

Crappie can be frozen in a bag for up to six months. If you want to keep them for longer, wrap them in freezer paper. Remember that frozen fish never goes bad, so you can eat it whenever you want.

What Is the Purpose of a Fillet Knife?

A fillet knife is a thin, flexible knife that is primarily used for filleting fish – removing the bones and cutting the fish into boneless slices.

Fillet knives have blades that are specifically designed for this purpose and give you complete control over the process, allowing you to prepare your fish easily. Their (mostly!) stainless-steel blades are shaped to effortlessly cut through skin and meat, allowing you to make laser-precise cuts.