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5 Best Cheese Knife Set for Cutting Cheese in 2020 [Review]

Cheese knife set consists of knives designed particularly to cut cheese.

As cheese is a soft and a sticky product, normal knife cannot be used perfectly to slice cheese into pieces. Due to its stickiness, it is a fact that cheese will stick on to the blades and pieces of cheese will never be smooth the way you want. The blades of these knives are made from stainless steel which prevents the soft cheese to stick to the blades.

Apart from this, these knives generally have pores in their blades so that air gets trap in between these pores and also on the surface of the cheese and offers a smooth cutting experience. Some knives also has vertical lines on the blade so as to slice the cheese into required pieces while cutting.

These knives have different design as compared to the conventional design of the knife. The cutting edge is wider than the non cutting edge and the knife has a broader blade and a less narrow handle.

Best Knife for Cutting Cheese Reviews (5 Top Picks)

Swissmar Stainless Steel 3-Piece Cheese Knife Set

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This is a wonderful piece of cutlery for you if you are a great lover of cheese. This set consists of a cheese knife, plane and a cleaver.

The cheese knife is about 9-1/2 inch in length and is perfect for cutting soft cheese.

The long blade of this knife heaps you to easily cut through soft cheese.


The cheese plane on the other hand is exclusively designed for medium-hard cheese and the cleaver which is comparatively smaller is best fit for cutting and slicing cheddar cheeses.

The blades of these knives are made from stainless steel which prevents the cheese from sticking on to the knife’s surface.

The blades have small pores so that the cheese does not stick on to the knife and allows you to easily slice it into pieces without any problem.

The handles are beautifully designed to provide you a comfortable grip while cutting. This beautiful 3 piece set is a complete solution for cutting all types of cheeses. So if you are a real cheese fan, you should certainly try this product.

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Wusthof Gourmet 3-Piece Cheese Knife Set With Cheese Board

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This Gourmet 3- piece cheese knife set is an incredible product from the world famous brand of cutlery known as Wusthof. This set consists of 3 special knives specially designed for soft cheese, hard cheese and cheese plane.

Apart from this you also get a cheese board. This set is manufactured in Solingen, Germany which is better known as the cutlery capital of the world.

These knives are scientifically designed by experienced craftsman of Wusthof. The knives are manufactured using a single metal piece which is made up of a super strong combination of stainless steel and carbon.

The blades are super sharp and will remain so for a longer period of time. Full tang construction gives you a sturdier and a balanced grip of the knife keeping your comfort level to the maximum.

The handles are bounded to the main body of the knife with three rivets which make this adhesion super strong.

The trademark of Wusthof on these knives in itself signifies the symbol of quality and reliability. For best results wash the knives only with hands and do not use dishwasher.

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Abert AB 90306846603 3-Piece Cheese Knife Set in Stainless Steel with Gift Box

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This knife set consists of 3 knives in total which are designed especially for different types of cheeses. The set includes a 7-1/2 inch long knife designed with long handle and a small blade which is wide enough to let you cut hard varieties of cheese.

Extremely sharp blades make your cutting experience even more enjoyable and easy. This wide and small sized blade allows you to put more pressure on a smaller area with less effort hence increasing your overall efficiency and effectiveness.

The second knife is 8-1/2 inch spreader which specializes in cutting and slicing soft cheese. The third knife is a 10-1/2 inch long stiff knife for cheeses with medium hardness.

On top of all, this classic set comes in a gift box which makes it the most presentable thing to gift to your near and dear ones.

The blades of these knives are made of tough stainless steel which makes it corrosion resistant and provides toughness and razor like sharpness to the blades.

For best use wash these knives with water and dry them immediately. Do not expose the knives to prolonged contact with water.

If you will follow these simple instructions carefully you will keep on enjoying them for a long time as if they are the brand new ones.

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Victorinox Swiss Army 3-Piece Gourmet Cheese Knife Gift Set

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Victorinox Swiss Army 3- piece gourmet cheese knife gift set is an awesome thing if you want to gift it to someone special. It has style, looks, performance and perfection to give you a comfortable and an enjoyable cutting experience.

It consists of 3 knives.

One is for the hard cheese which has a small blade with longer handle to put more pressure on the hard cheese so that it can be cut easily.

Second a semi soft cheese knife with perforated blades to enhance the cutting experience and to make your job easier while moving your knife through soft cheese and third a semi hard cheese knife with a unique fork tip.

It has a full tang construction with ergonomically designed handles to fit comfortably in your hands with triple rivets on the handle to ensure a sturdy handling and better control while cutting.

The blades are made using stainless steel and carbon alloy to ensure greater strength along with super sharpness to the blades.

These knives are designed in Portugal and are handmade by experienced cutlery craftsmen.

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Swissmar Four Piece Slim-Line Stainless Steel Cheese Knife Set

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This four piece slim line stainless steel cheese knife set is an exclusive offering from Swissmar which are designed and fabricated taking into consideration all the specific needs of cheese lovers.

This set of knife has every tool which is going to be of great help to you in your kitchen. This set includes a cheese plane, cheese spreader to evenly spread the cheese on a surface, soft cheese knife designed specifically to cut and slice soft cheeses and cleaver.

All the knives are made using stainless steel with a highly lustrous polish to give it a sparkling look. These knives are highly durable and extremely light in weight. The sleek and trendy look also adds to the charm of using them on special occasions.

It’s a perfect product for all cheese lovers and a very good option in case you want to gift something really valuable to your well wishers.

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These cheese knife set are a great combination of craftsmanship and technology.

Every knife of this series are designed and fabricated to cater some specific task.

If you are a frequent cheese user and love to have cheese in your dish, then these knives are certainly great and a must buy for you.

Modern design and a trendy look is what you are going to get on your purchase of these special knives.

So order now to experience a whole new range of these beautiful cheese knives.


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