Best Bread Knife for Sourdough

11 Best Knife for Cutting Sourdough Bread and Crusty Bread[2022]

Looking for  the best knife for cutting sourdough bread or your crusty bread? Welcome to our comprehensive best bread knife reviews. The importance of having a serrated bread knife in your kitchen cannot be undermined, especially if your household often serves bread, cakes, and fruits.

An excellent bread knife is characterized by a well-serrated blade that can slice through a crusty loaf and sandwiches, and cut thin slices of tomatoes and other vegetables and fruits.

In this article, we have prepared a full guide on how you can choose the best bread knives for the money in 2021 and beyond.

What Knife is Best for Cutting Sourdough Bread?

  1. Shun Classic 9″ Bread Knife with VG-MAX Steel
  2. Victorinox 10-1/4″ Serrated Bread Knife with Fibrox Handle
  3. Messermeister Four Seasons Scalloped Baker’s Bread Knife, 10-Inch
  4. DALSTONG Bread Knife – Gladiator Series
  5. Wusthof Classic 9-inch Bread Knife
  6. OXO Good Grips 8 Inch Bread Knife
  7. Wusthof Classic Ikon 8″ Offset Deli Bread Knife
  8. Tojiro Bread Slicer 270mm F-687
  9. J.A. Henckels International Bread Knife
  10. Mercer Culinary Bread Knife
  11. MAD SHARK 8 Inch Pro Serrated Bread Cutter

Our Top Picks Of the Best Sourdough Bread Knife Review

Shun Classic 9″ Bread Knife with VG-MAX Steel

best bread knife for the moneyCheck Price on Amazon


  • Handcrafted in japan
  • Strong Ebony Pakkawood handle
  • Forged with VG-Max steel
  • Life warranty

Shun Classic 9″ Bread Knife has razor-sharp and wide serrations ideal for slicing through the bread without tearing or smashing the soft interiors.

Expertly forged with Shun exclusive VG-MAX steel, additional carbon for permanence, cobalt alloy for strength, tungsten for incredible sharpness, and chromium for corrosion and wear prevention, this knife is one of the best bread knives for sourdough and crusty bread that you’ll find on the market.

The sourdough bread knife handle is made of beautifully polished ebony Pakkawood that is both water-resistant and durable. It offers a safe, comfortable grip and easier maneuverability of the blade through a variety of bread.

Handcrafted by highly skilled knife makers in Japan, the Shun Classic bread knife is ideal for tough tasks like baguettes, rye, ciabatta, and sourdough while delicate enough for pastries, challah, banana bread or brioche.

The knife comes beautifully packed with a limited lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects. The knife should be hand-washed and dried immediately for long-term use.

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Victorinox 10-1/4″ Serrated Bread Knife with Fibrox Handle

Best Bread Knife for SourdoughCheck Price on Amazon


  • Made in Switzerland since 1884
  • Sharp Curved blade allows cutting in a rocking motion
  • Serrated edges for easy cutting
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Lifetime warranty

Victorinox 10-1/4″ Serrated Bread Knife with Fibrox Handle is a crucial best bread knife for crusty bread.

In case you are just utilizing the knife to handle your house roast, the slim tapered, sharp cutting blade of this Victorinox knife is lengthy enough to cut via a huge roast along with a single effortless stroke.

The knife is stamped from a block of high carbon stainless steel that is ice tempered for incredible sharpness and edge retention. The blade is also hand finished with a mirror polish.

For better stroke control when slicing bread, the blade is made with a gentle curve that leads the tip upwards from the heel. This also offers sufficient knuckle clearance for ease of slicing.

With a lifetime guarantee against shortcomings in artistry and material, anyone searching for an inexpensive top bread knife, which is of high-quality will find this knife ideal for cutting everything from fruits and veggies, loaves of bread and sandwiches effortlessly without compressing them.

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Messermeister Four Seasons Scalloped Baker’s Bread Knife, 10-Inch: best knife for cutting sourdough bread

Best Bread Knife for crusty breadCheck Price on Amazon


  • Made of German 1.4116 HC stainless alloy
  • One-piece stamped for strength
  • Heat treated and cooled at 56-57 Rockwell hardness
  • Expertly crafted in Portugal
  • Lifetime warranty

Messermeister Four Seasons Scalloped Baker’s Bread Knife, 10-Inch is a longer and wider model of a tomato knife.

The scalloped edge of this blade has a length of 10″ and is perfect for slicing crusty bread by allowing a smooth cutting motion without compressing the bread. The knife is also great for cutting and dicing vegetables and fruits.

The blade is stamped from a single piece of German stainless steel for maximum strength. The blade material has great resistance against rust and stain and can be sharpened easily on a honing steel.

The handle of the Messermeister Four Seasons Scalloped Baker’s Bread Knife is ergonomically crafted with hygienic, molded polypropylene for balance and comfortability.

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DALSTONG Bread Knife – Gladiator Series

best knife for cutting sourdough breadCheck Price on Amazon


  • Precision-forged with HC German Steel
  • 10-inches blade for any task
  • Stain-resistant
  • Full tang for robustness
  • Beautiful Pakkawood handle

DALSTRONG Bread Knife – Gladiator Series has been expertly crafted to ensure painless thin cutting with a single stroke and effortlessly slicing of large fruits, vegetables, and boneless ham.

With bread, the ultra-sharp blade serrations can cut through bread crusts with minimal crumb dispersion.

The DALSTRONG Bread Knife – Gladiator Series blade is precision forged from one-piece high-quality ThyssenKrupp German steel for durability and fantastic edge retention. High-carbon steel also provides excellent stain and wear resistance.

With perfectly spaced serrations, the Dalstrong Gladiator Series bread knife is hand-sharpened at 14-16 degrees. This high-performance kitchen workhorse ensures thin cutting and dicing with slight effort and minimal care and maintenance.

With an elegant, ambidextrous and ergonomic Pakkawood handle black in color and imported from Spain, this knife provides a safe grip for optimal comfort and maneuverability.

The hand-polished bolster design offers extra balance and provides finger protection. The triple rivets offer additional strength and sturdiness to the blade.

The knife comes with a stain and water-resistant sheath and a lifetime guarantee against material and craftsmanship imperfections.

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Wusthof Classic 9-inch Bread Knife

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  • Long serrated blade 9-inch in size with triangular tip
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Triple-riveted handle
  • Forged with H.C. stainless steel, and hand-honed for sharpness
  • Lifetime warranty

If you are searching for the best bread kitchen knife that will last for decades, this specific Wusthof serrated classic top bread knife usually is a good option.

The body construction of the Wusthof knife will make a lasting impression. It is a well-designed bread knife which also appears good, is properly balanced, and has sufficient weight to cut crusty bread and large turkeys.

The hardened high carbon stainless steel blade is made hold sharpness for longer. The full-tang design provides the perfect balance with riveted, ergonomically designed, high-impact handles.

The serrated edges make the Wusthof Classic 9-inch Bread Knife the best bread knife for crusty bread, sourdough, or slicing a piece of a cake without squishing the entire cake.

It is a good kitchen knife model for all beginner cooks and experts.

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OXO Good Grips 8 Inch Bread Knife: best knife for cutting sourdough bread

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  • Razor-sharp stainless steel
  • Serrated blade for crusty bread, sourdough, and large melons
  • Ergonomically designed handle

OXO Good Grips Bread Knife is another fantastic and affordable knife for slicing bread.

Due to its thin blade, this is always a good knife for slicing thin pieces of tomatoes.

The pressure-absorbing rubber handle that comes with this bread knife puts less force on the hands while offering a firm safe grip. The handles are slip-proof and dishwasher safe

If you are looking for the best serrated bread knife that is moderately priced, OXO Good Grips Bread Knife will be a good investment for your kitchen.

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Wusthof Classic Ikon 8″ Offset Deli Bread Knife

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  • High-impact contoured handle
  • Slim bolster design
  • Full tang design
  • Forged from one piece of high carbon stainless steel

The Wusthof Classic Ikon 8″ Offset Deli Knife is made to cut through a wide variety of bread, cakes, and sandwiches.

The scalloped edge slices through meat like chicken and turkey without damaging it, tomatoes without squeezing them, and bread without squashing it.

The well-balanced handle facilitates easy cutting and fits comfortably in hand. This bread knife is lightweight due to the slim bolster design. The heel bolster offers added balance and the half bolster allows you to hone the entire length of the blade.

The full tang blade, forged from high carbon stainless steel is triple-riveted to the handle for precise control and comfort. The stainless steel is tempered to 58 degrees Rockwell hardness for permanence.

If you are searching for a workhorse, then this is one of the best knife for cutting bread, tomatoes, and meat that you’ll find on the market today. Forged by a popular German company, Solingen, this knife will resist dulling, corrosion and it will be a great addition to your cutlery collection.

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Tojiro Bread Slicer 270mm F-687: Best Japanese bread knife

best Japanese bread knifeCheck Price on Amazon


  • 270 mm Scalloped edge
  • Made of Molybdenum Vanadium steel
  • Ergonomic black wood handle
  • Blade length 10.6 inches and overall length 16.1″.

Tajiro has been in cutlery business since 1955 and has earned a reputation for manufacturing the best Japanese knives on the market today. This best Japanese bread knife is an amazing creation. The Tojiro Bread Slicer 270mm F-687 has smooth scalloped edges forged from molybdenum stainless steel, which offers incredible stain and corrosion resistance, durability, and fracture toughness all enhancing to easy care and maintenance.

The handle is made of black Pakkawood to enhance comfortability and ease of use. Pakkawood also provides great resistance to stain, water, and fading.

The handle is firmly attached to the full tang blade with three rivets to provide precise balance and control.

To keep the knife performing at its best, hand washing and immediate drying is recommended.

This bread knife for cutting sourdough and crusty bread is made in Japan and comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

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J.A. Henckels International Bread Knife

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  • Made in Spain
  • 7″ serrated blade
  • Forged from German stainless steel
  • Ergonomic, triple-riveted handle
  • Expert, satin-finished blade
  • Forged bolster
  • Dishwasher safe

J.A. Henckels International Bread Knife has a 7-inch serrated edge for cutting crusty loaves of bread with minimal effort.

Professionally forged with high quality, German stainless steel, the blade of this knife is strong and durable.

The fully forged design offers balance, and the traditional triple-riveted handle provides additional strength and comfort for effortless cutting.

With J.A. Henckels International Bread Knife, Zwilling J.A Henckels, founded in 1895, guarantees ease of use, durability, and great design.

As one of the best bread knife on the market, this best knife for cutting sourdough bread has a lifetime warranty against company’s defects, and is dishwasher safe.

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Mercer Culinary Bread Knife

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  • Forged from HC German steel
  • Polypropylene and Santoprene handle material, NSF certified
  • Limited lifetime guarantee

Mercer Culinary Bread Knife is precision forged from German high carbon steel that resists corrosion, rust, and fading. The forged construction also provides extra strength and permanence.

For added stability, razor-sharp sharpness, easy honing, and better efficiency when chopping and dicing, the blade has a taper-ground edge.

The comfy Santoprene handle provides optimal comfort and a safe grip, even with wet hands. The Bolsters on the handle offers extra strength, adds durability, and offers outstanding balance for better handling when slicing bread and other food. The handle material is tested and verified for quality, safety, performance and hygiene.

Though dishwasher safe, handwashing is recommended for the best knife for cutting sourdough bread to last long.

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MAD SHARK 8 Inch Pro Serrated Bread Cutter: best sourdough bread knife

best sourdough bread knife Check Price on Amazon


  • Has Scalloped Serrations
  • German stainless steel blade, 8″
  • High-quality, ABS handle

MAD SHARK 8 Inch Pro Serrated Bread Knife is made of high-grade German stainless steel that is highly resistant to corrosion, stain, and fading.

The extremely sharp edge is easy to maintain and enhances your slicing and dicing experience making it a breeze.

The handle is engineered to perfection for comfort and easy to hold. The ergonomic design provides perfect balance and protection to fingers when cutting food.

MAD SHARK 8 Inch Pro Serrated Bread Cutter is expertly crafted to suit beginner cooks and expert chefs, and is ideal for cutting all types of bread, cakes, and vegetables.

The best sourdough bread knife is safe for dishwasher yet handwashing is highly recommended. Use warm soapy water to clean it after every use and dry it with a cloth before keeping it in a dry safe place.

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What is a Bread Knife?

A bread knife is a type of knife used to cut bread. A bread knife is usually between six and ten inches. The average length is eight inches. A bread knife will have serrations on the length of its blade. This makes it easy slice through bread’s crusty surface and into its soft insides. There is a type of bread knife, called the offset bread knife, which has an offset handle. This offset handle prevents the cutters hands from touching the bread once the bread knife has cut all the way through.

Parts of a bread knife

A bread knife is composed of a blade and a handle. A bread knife’s blade is usually made of carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium steel or other metal alloys. Bread knife that is made of titanium usually last longer and is lighter.

However, these don’t get as sharp as the other metal alloys. As part of the maintenance of a bread knife, or any knife for that matter, blades should be sharpened regularly.

The handle of a bread knife can be made from several different materials. The most common is wood. A bread knife with a wooden handle is generally preferred. This type of bread knife is usually more attractive. It is also easier to grip than others.

However, this type of bread knife handle is harder to maintain. You need to regularly clean and towel dry this type of bread knife.

A wooden handle should also be consistently treated with mineral oil. The wooden handle of a bread knife is also prone to crack if exposed to water for a prolonged period.

A Japanese bread knife made of a composite of plastic resin and laminated wood is sometimes preferred. This type of bread knife is easier to maintain. It also offers a good grip, like that of a bread knife with a wooden handle.

How do I choose a bread knife?

Any kitchen knife can slice bread. However, to cut your food more efficiently and faster, there are a few things that you need to consider. With thousands of knives to choose from, purchasing the best bread knife for crusty or sourdough can be a daunting task. In this section, we’ll provide information on how you can find the right bread knife for you.

Straight or serrated

When it comes to choosing whether to purchase a serrated or straight bread knife, most people prefer serrated knives. The serrated edges provide effortless cutting with minimal crumb dispersion. They offer easy cutting through crusty bread without compressing the slices.

On the other hand, straight knives get dull fast and require extra effort to cut through crusty bread.


For precise and clean cuts, a bread knife must be ultra-sharp to cut easily through a crusty loaf. A dull knife will damage the shape of the bread by compressing it, and it produces a lot of crumbs.


For a single stroke slicing, choose a knife that a long blade. Pick a bread knife that is over 7 inches long for a fantastic cutting experience.

Why is a bread knife serrated?

best knife for cutting sourdough bread

Most kitchen knives sets you will see up for sale in local and online stores include a serrated kitchen knife. If you don’t already know, you may be wondering what exact purpose it serves and the reason for the serrated or jagged edges.

Mostly, knives with serrated blades are used for cutting bread. Professional chefs always keep a serrated kitchen knife handy for use in certain situations. You may also find several other uses for this type of knife.

Serrated knives are also known as bread knives, specifically designed to cut loaves of bread without ruining their original shape. A serrated kitchen knife may have either a pointed or a rounded tip.

Other types of knives like paring knives, some chef’s knives, and kitchen utility knives may also be designed with jagged edges, depending on the brand.

There is a difference between a knife with serrated edges and one with recessed edges. Serrated knives tear meat while knives with recessed edges are designed to make a clean cut.

This is the reason why a serrated kitchen knife is not usually used on meat but just on bread, cakes and delicate fruits. The meat you cut with a serrated knife will have flayed edges – not exactly something you would expect in professional food presentations.

The serrated knife imitates the saw in woodworking. In the same way, you need to use a sawing motion whenever you use a serrated kitchen knife. The shape of the serrations may differ from pointed to wavy.

Most experts would recommend knives with pointed serrations as it gives the user better control of the knife. Knives with pointed serrations also last longer than serrated kitchen knives having wavy serrations.

This post reviewed the best knife for cutting sourdough bread and crusty breads reviews based on durability, performance, and sharpness.

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